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Frequently Asked Questions / All

How do I publish a job listing?

Sign into your SmartShanghai account and follow the instructions on this page.

Are job listings free?

To maintain the quality of our listings and dissuade particularly aggressive recruiters, we charge a service fee for our job listings (380RMB/1 Job listing/ 1 month, 6800RMB/ 12 Job listings/ 12 months). We currently don't offer any free job listings, sorry!

Are there discounts for buying multiple listings?

Yes. The single Job listing is 380RMB/per month, now we have another option is 6800RMB for 12 job listings for 12 months, yearly package is 8 times cheaper than a single job listing. 

When will your photographer take the pictures?

After buying the photography package online, our team will contact you to arrange a suitable time. You can choose to have the pictures taken during business hours or outside business hours (recommended). A shooting usually takes 1-2 hours, and you will received the edited photos within 3 working days.

Can I submit the venue description or tell SmartShanghai what to write? What's the Editor's Description?

Editors Descriptions are, as it says, a description of your venue written by our professional Native Editor. The description is neutral, descriptive, informative, as a service to our users. You may let us know what you think is important for our readers to know about the venue, but ultimately it's up to our discretion what we write. However, in a Premium Venue Listing you also have the ability to show your own description in which you can describe your business in your own words. 

Where will my listing show on top ?

Unless a user chooses to browse listings by distance, all our listings are ordered in the following way: Gold listings show on top, Premium listings by popularity, then Free listings are ordered by popularity. Gold listings can select one category in which they will appear as the first result, and four more categories where they will appear in one of the top spots. Besides that, your listing will be shown with priority in searches and when users browse venues by location. And your listing will appear with a larger image so that it stands out from other listings.

What do I need to prepare?

You will be in charge of tidying up and preparing the location.

What if I'm not happy with the pictures?

Our photographers have many years of experience taking interior photos for SmartShanghai articles and directory. They will take professional interior photos of your venue, and do their best to present it at its best.  We will edit the photos to improve the lighting and colors. But we can't make things more pretty than they are. To guarantee good results, it also takes some effort on your side to prepare the venue well enough and tidy it up. If you are unhappy with the results we are however unable to offer a refund.

How many new customers will I get ?

We're excited to share that opting for our Premium Venue Listing will significantly boost your visibility. With this enhanced feature, your listing will be promoted extensively in our recommendations, reaching a significantly international audiences. This means that your business will be seen by ten times more of our dedicated readers, maximizing your potential for new customer acquisition.

While the exposure increase is guaranteed, the ultimate conversion to customers depends on the appeal of your offerings and the demand for your products or services. Please keep in mind that certain categories on SmartShanghai enjoy higher traffic, while others may experience comparatively less engagement. It's important to note that our commitment to transparency means that we never manipulate any statistics. Thus, we are unable to provide an exact projection of the number of new customers you might gain from a premium venue listing.

Your business's attractiveness and the existing market demand will play a vital role in determining the conversion rate. We value your trust in our services and are committed to your success.

What's the process for paid content?

For Official WeChat posts we usually discuss a content outline with the clients first, then for Wechat Top post, our editorial team will co-creat the content with you;

For Wechat 2nd post, the client prepares the content and images, and we help to edit & format according to SmartShanghai's editorial standards, make sure it's more attractive to our audience, and have higher chance to bring more direct inquiries for your business.