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Frequently Asked Questions / Events

Why is my event not on SmartShanghai yet?

Did you know we get between 50-60 event submissions a day? It’s a lot to go through. Listing events usually takes us 3-5 working days, so plan ahead. If you submit an event the day before an event, there is a strong chance your event will NOT get listed.

Please remember that we do not list every event that gets submitted. You will receive a private message in your SmartShanghai Inbox once your listing has been published (or rejected). Please do not resubmit your event -- this will not expedite the process. If your event is far in the future, the approval process might take longer, as upcoming events for this and next week have priority. SmartShanghai advertisement clients also get priority approval.

Thanks for your patience, and for taking the time to submit your events to SmartShanghai!

Why is the event description for my event as it appears on the webpage different from what I submitted?

To maintain a consistent quality on the website, we rewrite the submitted promotional text on event submissions to fit our editorial format. We try to add a third party perspective to our events listings. We also tend to delete PR speak or hyperbolic language, unless it’s unintentionally hilarious. Stick to the facts and we’re less likely to dramatically rewrite your submission.

You're running a house music night with you and your friends at a club? Great! Give us useful details. Preferably not in all caps. Include things like pricedoor policydress code (if any), who's playing/DJingany special performancesdealspromotions, etc. If you submit a five word description for a club night, we're liable to reject it, unless those words are "free booze and all Morrissey."

If you're unhappy with the way your event appears on SmartShanghai, feel free to drop us a message on the Contact Us page.

Why do some events not appear on the site?

Every day we receive between 30-60 event submissions. We simply cannot list all of these, for several reasons. As a "curated" website, we believe that a smaller selection of higher quality events is better for our readers. We filter out poorly organized events, events that have no description, events that our readers probably will not be interested in, illegal events such as unlicensed public gatherings, and "events" that are really just a tool to sell something, such as set menus and classes. This will always be our policy.

We will try to provide an explanation if we reject your event, but we do not always have time. Again, resubmitting your event will not help.

Feel free to drop us a message on the Contact Us if you feel you’ve been rejected unfairly.