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Frequently Asked Questions / Directory

How can I add images to my venue listing?

If you are associated with a venue and would like to add images to a venue listing, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

How can I update my venue listing?

Venue listings are part of the editorial content and uploaded/edited directly by our Editors and Listings Managers. Users can not edit content directly. If your SmSh user account is associated with a venue and would like to report mistakes, or request changes, pls submit your update request at your user page- venues. Or please use the "Report Mistakes" button in the related venue listing. Events and Promotions can be submitted by any user for any venue.

Why is the map in the directory sometimes inaccurate?

Simply put, GPS doesn’t work so well in China. China doesn’t use the same GPS standard as the rest of the world, which means that the marker on Google (and even Baidu maps) can be as much as 500 meters off. We do our best to manually pinpoint the locations by hand, but it’s a tricky business. You can read more about the topic if you’re interested here. Nerd. If you’d like to report a particularly bad GPS pin location, you can use the “Report Mistake” button on the venue listing, and we’ll do what we can to fix it!

What should I do if my venue has moved to a new location?

Easy, submit the new venue using the Submit Venues page! As a matter of policy, we don’t delete venues, we mark them closed and, if applicable, add a note directing our users to the venue listing of the new location.