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International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital

  • Editor's Description

    A multi-award-winning hospital that was classified as one of the model "baby-friendly hospitals" of China in 1992 by the Ministry of Health, WHO, and UNICEF. IPMCH is currently divided into Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Faculty of Preventive Medicine. It currently has a department of obstetrics (including General Ob., Maternal Medicine, Fetal Medicine, Prenatal Consulting, Internal Medicine and Neonatology), gynecology (including general gynecology, oncology, and mammary gland diseases), family planning, assisted reproduction center, TCM, and anesthesiology. There is also a preventive health care center, pediatric clinic, and health education center.

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    • Opening Hours Mon-Fri, 7.15am-4pm Sat, 7.15am-11am