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Yosemite Clinic & Hospital

  • Editor's Description

    Yosemite is a new entrant in the heart of downtown that most old-timers probably don't know about. On the corner near Guyi(entrance on Fumin Lu), it does all the regular outpatient stuff but also has a 24/7 English-speaking ER. They have eight beds in their Jing'an location, and while they don't have an ICU, they do have a care unit that can deal with emergency situations. The hospital specializes in minimally invasive surgeries.

  • Self Introduction

    Yosemite Clinic is a "Physician Owned, Physician Managed" healthcare institution. We currently operate at both locations: Shanghai Yosemite Clinic (Pudong) close to Kerry Parkside and Shanghai Yosemite Hospital (JingAn) close to JingAn Kerry Center.

    We are dedicated to providing multidisciplinary professional medical services. Our strength is in integrating multi-departmental collaborations to provide patients a comprehensive treatment plan. We specialize in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) or Ambulatory Surgery (AS). We have developed detailed pre-operative evaluation processes and post-operative follow-up systems. We are also staffed with a professional team consisting of experienced surgeons and anesthesiologists.

    Yosemite Clinic works in collaboration with domestic and international insurance providers. We offer convenient and efficient direct billing and pre-paid services. Our multilingual staff can speak English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.

    Our patients can receive international medical service as if they are at home.

    • Avg. Consultation Cost Consultation starts at 560rmb
    • Languages Spoken English, Japanese, Chinese
    • Emergency Services Yosemite Hospital (JingAn) 24/7 Hotline: 021- 31013136
    • Opening Hours Yosemite Clinic (Pudong): Daily 9am-6pm Yosemite Hospital (JingAn): Daily 9am-6pm ER 24/7
  • Insurances Accepted

  • Additional Services

    Emergency Room

    Family Medicine

    Internal Medicine

    Surgery (specialize in Minimally Invasive Surgery)



    Gastrointestinal Medicine




    Orthopedics (Sports Medicine)


    Rehabilitation Medicine




    Medical Imaging



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