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Huashan Hospital

  • Editor's Description

    Huashan Hospital (华山医院, huashan yiyuan) is one of China's most well-known hospitals and is mobbed during the day for its outpatient services and specialist doctors. It has an English-speaking international division on the 8th floor but that's only open from 8am-5pm. However, the local emergency room is open 24/7 and specializes in neurological conditions. That said, it handles all kinds of cases, and is smack in the middle of downtown on the corner of Wulumuqi Lu and Huashan Lu, two blocks up from the Anfu Lu strip. The entrance to the ER is on Huashan Lu a little bit west of Wulumuqi. No pediatric or OB/GYN services here so don't show up expecting to have a baby.

    • Avg. Consultation Cost 38-318rmb
    • Languages Spoken Chinese, English
    • Emergency Services Yes
    • Opening Hours 24/7