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Articles About SinoUnited Health

  • SinoUnited Health Brings High-quality International Medical Service from Shanghai to Hangzhou

    2021-04-16 - By SmSh

    In April 2021, SinoUnited Health officially announced the opening of Hangzhou Kerry Clinic. After five years of successful growth in Shanghai, the service network of SinoUnited Health has ‘broken’ through the Yangtze River Delta and is expanding its health services to the people in Hangzhou. The new clinic is located inside Hangzhou Kerry Center, in downtown Hangzhou. Covering 500... Read more...

  • Recap and Highlights of SinoUnited Health 2nd International Women’s Health Symposium

    2021-03-08 - By SmSh

    The surge of commitment and advocacy to ensure, improve, and advance the health and well-being of women has become a global trend. During the COVID-19 pandemic, how to meet the increasing healthcare needs for women using the latest clinical progress and internet technology is also a heated topic among the international medical community. SinoUnited Health commenced its first... Read more...

  • Tips From SinoUnited Health on Protecting Your Eyes During COVID-19

    2020-03-03 - By SmSh

    During this coronavirus outbreak, many people have stayed behind closed doors in order to prevent the virus from spreading further. However, being at home all day naturally causes people to spend more time on their phones, computers, and in front of TV screens, all of which put greater strain on the eyes. Dr. Haidong Shan, the chief ophthalmologist of Read more...

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