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Published 2024-07-01 11:02 2024-07-01 11:02:32 2024-07-31 11:02:32
Web & Graphic Designer
  • Fulltime in Shanghai | Office
  • Salary: Unknown
  • Candidate Location: Only applicants currently in Shanghai

Job Description

Are you a rockstar graphic designer? Or just starting out, but willing to grow in an international team?

As long as you’re passionate about your work and attentive to detail, we’ll be happy if you join us. Our team has been working together on cool educational products related to Chinese language learning, and it never gets boring. Recently, we’ve been getting really busy with our in-house learning platform & app, a creative book series for Chinese beginners, various related merchandise - so we need your help!

Your responsibilities will include

  • Working closely with the team on improving the current design
  • Creating new illustrations for the app
  • Creating new illustrations for the book series
  • Working on website design for new products
  • Brainstorming ideas & creating new merchandise, advertising tools, etc.

We are an ambitious language school that started out 14 years ago in Beijing and has now grown to a reputable multi-city institution in China, including Shanghai, Beijing & Shenzhen. We put our students first, and constantly experiment with new tools - an online learning platform, a Chinese learning app, and innovative books - to make our students learning experience better.

Don’t worry if you’re not very familiar with this industry. As long as you’re good at what you do, we’ll teach you the rest. If you can imagine a world in which Chinese language learning is easy and fun, accompanied by top-notch technology and design, come meet us!


  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines
  • English speaking (Chinese a plus)


  • Chinese classes (if interested)

E-mail us your CV+Portfolio in PDF format at

Application Instructions

E-mail us your CV+Portfolio in PDF format at

That's Mandarin

Founded in 2005, That’s Mandarin has been the top choice for Chinese learners. It is one of China’s longest-established Chinese language and learning technology schools. With 17 years of experience, That’s Mandarin has helped over 50,000 students on their road to learning Chinese. Located in Beijing, Shanghai, and Suzhou, the school now has four campuses — featuring excellent communal areas for events, as as well study zones to aid education between classes. They also provide online classes to students worldwide via their own Chinese learning platform NihaoCafe. Its unique and innovative approach to language learning guarantees an enjoyable Chinese learning experience.


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