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China Decision Makers Consultancy

China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC) is an research-based to B media summit with community attributes.

Founded in 2004, CDMC was formed by an international business exchange team under a central think tank in China and merged with a conference company in Singapore. It is the only similar company listed on the new third board (May 2016), but also the earliest international high-level conference planning and organization of professional institutions, known as the industry's "Whampoa Military Academy.

Since its establishment, CDMC has organized nearly 500 large international industry conferences, with tens of thousands of people, including government officials/experts & scholars/enterprises CXO/ science and technology higher-ups/investors and other speakers and expert contacts. For more than a decade, they have exported a large number of valuable ideas/concepts/business wisdom to the industry under the organization of CDMC, promoted and witnessed the development and transformation of many industries and enterprises through multiple economic cycles, and always set the tide, created and enabled the country's most aggressive enterprises and the most outstanding senior managers. They form the initial expert resources of the CDMC.

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