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i2 International Institute of Education

i2 Education is one of the largest and most respected training centers in China. Founded in 2011, i2 Education has been focusing on delivering quality English education and constant improvement. Within just one decade, the company has gone a relatively short yet resoundingly successful way up to what it is now - one of the most recognized educational brands in China. Our mission at i2 Education is to “Make Our Children Bilingual”, and our team of over 600 foreign teachers and 2000 local staff help 45000 learners achieve this goal. Currently, i2 Education is present in 23 cities throughout China, having over 100 directly owned campuses all over the country. At i2 Education, we are committed to providing students aged 3-9 years old with an elite growth program, implemented in an English-only environment with exclusively foreign teachers and small groups of 6 students per class. We also use Phenomenon-Based Learning (PBL) classes to encourage students to take their knowledge of the English language outside of the classroom and use it in real-life scenarios. i2 Education invites you to join its team and leave your mark on its success story. As an i2 Education teacher, you will be a part of a welcoming multicultural community where you will receive multiple benefits, continuous professional development, and academic support, opportunities for career advancement, new experiences, and life-long memories. Your adventure awaits! Join us now!

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