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Ocea Hub

OCEA Hub is a membership based entrepreneurial O2O platform, providing services ranging from space and management to community and business matching. By gathering high quality and efficient communities from worldwide, OCEA Hub aims to facilitating the communications and cooperation between entrepreneurs. OCEA Hub provides quality and comfortable shared office space, allowing you to unleash your entrepreneurial passion and soul without the constraints of space. OCEA Hub is equipped with independent offices of different sizes, which are fully furnished and ready for rent to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. High-speed network equipment is also available, as well as the integration of intelligent lighting systems, intelligent access control and other intelligent office systems. There are also supporting services, including multi-functional halls, VIP rooms and other high-end facilities, as well as well-equipped, sound-proofed independent meeting rooms and live-streaming room. OCEA Hub hosts activities regularly. Business matching events helps utilize the resources and boosts cooperation between corporations, MNCs and SME. Industry specific road show helps to increase the exposure of products and services to the public. OCEA Hub also organizes series of events with various Chambers, associations, top universities alumni group to share insights, opinions and promote communications.

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