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Published 2021-11-22 18:00 2021-11-22 18:00:00 2021-12-22 18:00:00
Intermediary Relationship Manager
  • Fulltime in Shanghai | Office
  • Salary: 15,000 - 25,000¥
  • Candidate Location: Only applicants currently in Shanghai

Job Description

Reports to: GM / Intermediary Relations Director

Employment: Full Time

Experience: 3 years’ minimum experience

Overview: China Offshore, part of MX Media Group Ltd, is looking for a dynamic and team-oriented Intermediary Relationship Manager to work closely with our biggest overseas clients in order to drive their business growth and close deals in China.


  • Building deep relationships with our existing network of financial intermediaries
  • Working with said intermediaries to support signing of agreements and applications for our clients’ investment projects and financial and corporate services
  • Regular follow-ups with qualified leads through phone, email, and meetings
  • Use of your personal network and other channels to identify new leads
  • Train and support intermediaries on the various opportunities that they will sell to their clients and assist them to complete client applications for submission
  • Sourcing qualified leads that have the potential to do business with our clients
  • Identifying and attending industry events, and utilising other channels to develop cross-sector prospects
  • Building relationships with prospective investors for current and future projects
  • Understand and stay informed about the Immigration by Investment, Funds and Funds Services, Corporate and Fiduciary Services, and Private & International Banking markets, business trends, and regulatory amendments
  • Using company communication tools to supply management with reporting on the statuses of leads, current client feedback, progress of deals etc
  • Meet KPIs and targets as set by management

Location: Shanghai






概述:MX传媒集团有限公司旗下的中国离岸(China Offshore)正在寻找一位充满活力和团队精神的中介关系经理,与我们最大的海外客户密切合作,以推动他们在中国的业务增长并达成交易。


  • 与我们现有的金融中介网络建立深厚的关系
  • 与上述中介机构合作,为我们客户的投资项目、金融和企业服务的协议和申请的签署提供支持
  • 通过电话、电子邮件和会议定期跟进合格的潜在客户
  • 利用你的个人网络和其他渠道来发现新的潜在客户
  • 培训和支持中介机构向其客户销售各种机会,并协助他们完成客户提交的申请






  • 了解并随时保持对投资移民、基金和基金服务、公司和信托服务、私人和国际银行市场、业务趋势和监管修订的了解
  • 利用公司沟通工具向管理层提供潜在客户状态、当前客户反馈、交易进度等报告
  • 达到管理层设定的关键绩效指标和目标




  • Competitive base salary dependent on experience, with an attractive uncapped commission structure
  • Great experience working with a multi-national team dedicated to enabling the globalization of corporate and personal legacies
  • Development of communication and IT skills using advanced proprietary software and processes
  • Strong company culture with clearly actualised core values


    • 有竞争力的基本工资取决于经验,具有吸引力的无上限佣金结构
    • 与致力于实现企业和个人遗产全球化的跨国团队合作的丰富经验
    • 使用先进的专有软件和流程培养沟通和IT技能
    • 强大的企业文化和清晰的核心价值观


  • Proven work experience and network in any or all of the Immigration by Investment, Funds and Funds Services, Corporate and Fiduciary Services, and Private & International Banking sectors
  • Highly motivated and target-driven with proven track record in client-facing role
  • Demonstrable track record in closing deals for services and financial or investment products
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Strong time management abilities
  • Written and spoken Chinese and English essential


    • 在投资、基金和基金服务、公司和信托服务以及私人和国际银行业的任何或所有移民领域拥有丰富的工作经验和网络
    • 积极主动,目标明确,在面向客户的工作中有良好的业绩记录
    • 在完成服务和金融或投资产品交易方面有明显的业绩记录
    • 优秀的沟通和谈判技巧
    • 较强的时间管理能力
    • 中英文听说读写能力

Mx Media Group Ltd

MX Media is a comprehensive media group with two successful brands including China Offshore and Invest In. MX Media provides various products and services through printed and on-line media, conferences and events, to integrate resources in China and overseas countries. China Offshore is the leading media platform providing offshore finance news and information services to facilitate the needs of financial intermediaries and high net worth individuals in mainland China. Invest In is a leading outbound investment news platform in China, providing investment information for offshore investor potentials, including financial intermediaries, investment groups and government organization with an eye on expanding their investments overseas. Through diligent and sustainable efforts, Invest In has connected offshore investor potentials to the global investing opportunities and adapted successfully in the fast-changing financial regulations.

Office Address:

No.1378 lu Jia Bang Road ,Huang Pu,Shanghai


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