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English Teacher
Published Tuesday, September 15

At EL we teach English through engaging with literature and writing practice for students aged 5-14. In the beginning, it is likely that you will predominantly take on Phonics Program, and lower level literature/writing coursework (e.g. Bridge Course) with the opportunity to teach picture books, novels, grammar, different writing mediums and library Project-based courses in the future. Teachers must keep in contact with their Head Teacher and operations staff about student progress and maintain a professional relationship with parents. EL Teachers should provide a consistently challenging classroom environment for students and ensure that their teaching methodology is congruent with EL’s philosophy and goals. Teachers will work five days a week (three weekdays and Sat/Sun) with a potential full teaching load. You may also be asked to help at other centers if you have no classes and substitutes are needed at other schools.


Day to Day Responsibilities

  • Access ELresources and plan your Teachers Logs according to the objectives of courses
  • Deliver high quality literature, writing, and phonics courses tostudents
  • Issue and explain homework assignments to students and parents of youngerstudents
  • Mark all tasks that students complete and fill out post-classcomments
  • If your work schedule allows and you have an interest, there is an opportunity to assistwith the development of our curriculum, winter and summer materials, and also to assist with marketing events
  • Conduct phonics tests and free trials for new students and make recommendations forclasses
  • Enforce a “culture of English” and other ELexpectations through classroom discipline
  • Work with your Head Teacher and operations staff to create strategies forspecial case students
  • Keep informed about schedule changes, students who will be away, and students havingtrial classes

General Responsibilities

  • Be familiar with all aspects of the ELcurriculum, the lesson flows, and the quiz schedules
  • Complete quarterlyassessments that are personalized and constructive
  • Be punctual to work at all times, start classes on time, and control student breaktimes
  • Assist with marketing activities including the parties held by thecenter
  • Be familiar with the administrative procedures employed in the center and asdirected by EL CM
  • Substitute for absent colleagues - this may be at short notice andoff-site
  • Cooperate with the Center Manager and Head Teacher in ensuring constructive communication and efficient operation of the center that creates a cohesive cultureand working environment.
  • Assist in the library during busy times, particularly if you have an empty slot on aweekend
  • Be observed by your Head Teacher and CMand receive feedback professionally
  • Communicate with your Head Teacher in a weekly meeting about your students and classes
  • Attend weekly meeting and training prgramme organized by EL

How to Apply:

Please send your latest CV with you photo to our registered email address or add my Wechat account (13306752088) with remark “smartShanghai” to contact me.


Fulltime 2020-09-15 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2020-10-15
Shanghai Jing Si Management and Consultation Co.,Ltd

Explore Life Children's Academic Club creates play-and-learning spaces through a unique environment, and boasts for its high-end, attentive-to-details service. We are committed to building a top, unique children's academic club in China. By incorporating an engaging, nurturing atmosphere in an immersive English environment, we are dedicated to creating a friendly, inspiring space, attractive to both children and their parents.

Our courses include Pre-K, K1-12 international English and Science courses. Besides that, we specialize in our Library PBL course, baking, arts and crafts, which helps to cultivate children's independent thinking and innovative ability, as well as the ability to solve complex problems.

Our Education Philosophy is Living life, learning love.

Living life implies cultivating children's positive attitude towards life, which means living a healthy lifestyle with clear goals, and a strong sense of responsibility for life.

Learning love means we do everything with love and passion. We provide the best possible environment for each child at each stage, and do our best to meet the child's physical, psychological and social needs, so that children can truly learn to love life, understand love, and achieve their full potentials.

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