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Published 2022-11-15 12:00 2022-11-15 12:00:00 2022-12-15 12:00:00
Senior College Counselor
  • Fulltime in Shanghai | Office
  • Salary: 16,000 - 45,000¥
  • Candidate Location: Only applicants currently in Shanghai

Job Description

  • Guiding students through extracurricular selection, course selection, and test prep timing starting in Grade 9 (Year 10) or Grade 10 (Year 11) all the way to Grade 12 (Year 13) application season
  • Working with students on university research and building a balanced application list, including major selection and career research
  • Assisting with various aspects of the university application process, including essay development, resumes, major exploration, and more.
  • Managing all facets of the university application process
  • Working with our partner school and the implementation of a full college counseling program at the secondary school level

Additional Responsibilities

  • Helping the Chinese mentor with parent engagement on a monthly basis
  • Participating in essay workshops and other projects that facilitate our students’ learning
  • Supporting our School Counseling business opportunities
  • Spearheading self-directed initiatives in the company that improve the overall ecosystem and service of Curio


  • Flexible working arrangement based on the candidate’s needs and interests
  • Flexible holiday and working schedule
  • Visa application assistance, included for applicants that apply outside of mainland China
  • Strong base salary with a tiered salary structure based on students served and independent projects. Salary depends on experience and abilities, but monthly ranges from 20,000 – 45,000 RMB before tax
  • Opportunity to gain professional memberships and certifications in counseling, including conference attendance


  • Minimum 1-3 years experience either as a college counselor or as an admissions officer
  • Fluency in English and proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is an asset
  • All nationalities and backgrounds are accepted, including Native Chinese
  • Graduation from a top UK or US school is an asset
  • Located in or open to relocating to Shanghai, China (required)
  • Enthusiastic about education and personal development (required)

Application Instructions

If you are interested in this job, please email your CV to You could also learn about Curio Education by visiting our website (

Curio Education

At Curio, we believe that there are many paths to academic success, and the focus of a student throughout their high school career should be about exposure to new experiences, learning about oneself, and being prepared to take advantage of the resources at one’s disposal at the high school level, college level and beyond. Our mission is to build passionate, well-rounded, benevolent young men and women who have a direction in mind on how they can leave their mark. Furthermore, we are striving to build a community of students who are able to impact and inspire each other as they navigate this difficult and pressure-filled time in their lives.

Office Address:

Building 1 Zhijundasha, No 1223 Xietu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai


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