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Published 2023-05-21 12:00 2023-05-21 12:00:00 2023-06-21 12:00:00
Summer High School Tutor/Instructor
  • Freelance in Shanghai | Office
  • Salary: 10,000 - 20,000¥
  • Candidate Location: Relocation options included in package for qualified candidates

Job Description

  • Theme: Ice breaking and Fostering a Love for English Learning
  • Objective: You will teach a group of 10th graders to learn to sing an English song, give an English speech, read an original English book, perform an English textbook drama, and write an English essay.
  • Dates: June 26th - July 2nd
  • Size: 110 high school sophomore students (4 teachers)
  • Work Schedule: 6 hours of work per day (excluding breaks throughout the day), totaling 30-35 hours for the week.
  • Location: Xuhui, Shanghai (on the campus of an international high school)


  • Public Speaking
  • Watching and Acting: Select a suitable movie and provide three plot choices
  • Speech Contest / Pronunciation Enhancement (intonation)
  • Presentation opportunities
  • Teacher exchange sessions
  • Reading: Call of the Wild / The Old Man and the Sea


  • Compensation: 12,000 CNY per teacher, with lunches and one dinner covered by us.
  • Opportunities to meet teachers and students at a prestigious local international high school located in the center of Shanghai.


  • Bachelor's degree or higher from a top US college or university (US News Ranking Top 20 nationwide)
  • Native Speaker
  • Living in Shanghai or willing to relocate to Shanghai
  • Passion for education, event planning, and mentorship

Application Instructions

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Damrey Education

Damrey Education offers high-quality college counseling services, SAT, ACT and TOEFL test preparation, US research opportunities under mentorship of college professors, and reading club to China's academically accomplished high school students.

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