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Published Monday, October 19
  • onfidently knowing the food and beverage menu contents and be able to explain them in detail to guests. Understand dietary requirements and offer appropriate suggestions.
  • Be able to make suggestions on the menu that might suit guests of different nationalities.
  • By knowing menu items of all other outlets to recommend guests to other outlets.
  • Undertake steps/process to ensure that all areas of the restaurant are set to the standards required for lunch and dinner. This includes setting tables, having all equipment ready for service and ensuring you have been briefed by your supervisor for the shifts activities.
  • Greet all guests that walk past your outlet & offer them menus to view when appropriate.
  • Greet guests with a smile offer assistance with coats, bags etc., and introduce yourself.
  • To maintain a high customer service focus by approaching your job with the customers always in mind.
  • To have a positive impact, taking personal responsibility and initiative to resolve issues, always clearly communicating with both customers and colleagues.
  • To be motivated and committed, approaching all tasks with enthusiasm and seizing opportunities to learn new skills or knowledge in order to improve your personal performance.
    具有积极合作的精神。以热心的态度对待所有的工作, 并乐于借助一切机会学习技能以便于改进自己的工作表现。
  • To be flexible, responding quickly and positively to changing requirements including the performance of any tasks requested of you.
    具有极强的应变能力。反应迅速并以积极的态面对需求的改变, 包括任何工作要求的改变。
  • To maintain high team focus by showing co-operation and support to colleagues in the pursuit of team goals.


  • Ability to effectively deal with internal and external customers, some of whom will require high levels of patience, tact and diplomacy to defuse anger, collect and analyze accurate information and resolve conflicts.
  • Interpersonal skills to provide overall guest satisfaction.
Fulltime 2020-10-19 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2020-11-19

O’mills is an artisan sourdough bakery and bistro which is known for our quality sourdough bread, sourdough pizza, plant-based eats, healthy desserts and fermented food. We also do catering for corporate and social events.

This job listing has expired and is no longer open for applications