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Commis for O'mills
Published Thursday, November 19

This job requires you to complete the basic cooking and preparing tasks in the kitchen.


1.    具有基本的烹饪以及摆盘技巧。并能在短时间内习惯厨房的工作。

The basic knowledge and skills for cooking and garnishing. Quick adaptability, adjust to the kitchen environment, and pace ASAP.

2.     对食物与客人报以认真负责的态度,以食品的安全与品质为第一守则

The acknowledgment of strict responsibility to food creations and customers, and the primary rule of food safety and food quality.

3.     为人和善,团队意识强。与同事能良好耐心的合作与沟通

Easy going and team player, have the patience to communicate and corporate with colleagues.  

4.     严格保持优秀的卫生习惯。

Strictly self-hygiene and working hygiene habits.

5.     对菜品的配料有详细的了解,可以随时与客人沟通并告知详情

Wide and detailed acknowledgment of recipes and ingredients, knowing how to communicate with customers and guests about the food processing. 

6.     有较强的人际交往能力,能够给予个人宾至如归的就餐体验

Strong skills of communication, can provide the home-from-home family-style experience to our customers and guests. 

Fulltime 2020-11-19 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2020-12-19

O'mills is the abbreviation of Organic Mills [organic stone mill) which implies our expectations for the food we create: organic and healthy. We hope to present simple authentic and rustic cuisine so that you can feel at home, comfortable, and relaxed at Mills. When O'mills cooks every dish, we feel at ease and enjoy the same as when family members cook for you. We hope to give you the freshest and high-quality ingredients and raw materials, just like our own children. Responsible for our health, let our food carry a sense of responsibility. Our food is the product of love and time: we inherit the ancient sourdough technology, insist on hand-made, and only use wild yeast cultivated by ourselves. The yeast cultivation process needs a full 7 days: then the yeast is added to the flour and edema, and after 72 hours of full fermentation, our bread, pizza, and other delicate baking can be obtained

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