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Published 2022-05-07 16:47 2022-05-07 16:47:00 2022-06-07 16:47:00
Electronics Engineer
  • Fulltime in Shanghai | Office
  • Salary: 8,000 - 18,000¥
  • Candidate Location: Only applicants currently in Shanghai

Job Description

  • Build and detail the overall design plan of the hardware system.
  • SCH、PCB Prepare component lists, SCH, and PCB layout designs.
  • Overview the prototype production and debugging work.
  • Responsible for completing the relevant documents in the process of product design.
  • Provide technical guidance for product assembly and production quality standards.


  • A competitive salary based on experience.
  • Bonus if performance is up to standard.


  • Electrical Engineering bachelor degree, no academic barriers for outstanding individuals.
  • Basic knowledge on electrical components, such as digital circuits and analog circuits.
  • Knowledge on one type of single-chip microcomputer (51 series, AVR series, ARM series or others), familiar with embedded system design, and be able to independently design mixed-signal circuit systems.
  • Knowledge on circuit diagram design software (protel, cadence, Altium Designer or other), and independently complete the design of circuit schematic diagrams and PCB diagrams according to requirements.
  • Proficiency in microcontroller programming (C language or C++ language)
  • Have a hands-on attitude and be able to debug the system circuit according to the design
  • Experience with small motor drive and power electronic control, and the design of microcontroller application circuits
  • Familiar with the use of various related sensors


Skycoin is a blockchain company currently developing a wide variety of hardware and software products. The products range from mechanical and electrical components, all the way to software game development. Skycoin is a multinational company with talents from all around the world. Skycoin is looking for an electronics engineer to provide technical guidance in developing new PCB
designs and updating existing designs.

Office Address:

36 Baolong Building, Pudong District, Shanghai


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