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Published 2023-05-26 10:00 2023-05-26 10:00:00 2023-06-26 12:00:00
Purchasing/Live Stream Manager Assistant
  • Fulltime in Shanghai | Office
  • Salary: 8,000 - 9,000¥
  • Candidate Location: Only applicants currently in Shanghai

Job Description

The position is a strategic ‘hub’ position to keep the work organized and to ensure planned growth.


When a purchase is made, the role of the assistant is to

  • Book the purchase in our ERP. This includes items purchased, price and delivery time.
  • Track the purchases and alert if they are delayed as per the agreed delivery time
  • Weekly calls with key suppliers to go through all purchases to ensure suppliers have recorded the purchase and are on track for delivering on time
  • Track and count all items received and cross-check with what’s ordered, to make sure what we ordered is actually received. Report any discrepancies to finance.
  • As we pay for what’s actually received: work with finance to ensure that what’s on the bill from the supplier is what we actually received

All purchases are to be recorded daily to allow the organization to make accurate decisions.


  • Work with current livestream partners to plan their preferred pieces in advance, ensuring we manage risk based on their estimate sales and our inventory.
  • Customer service for Douyin platform during livestream (our own or partners)
  • Book all livestream sales in our ERP system
  • Reach out and align with potential livestream partners and make deals based on our rules
  • Weekly scanning of potential fakes / copies and act as per procedure to get them to take it down from online shopping platform


Handle the practicalities of shipping and picking up items overseas. This includes

  • Communication and service with overseas customers on email, helping them through the processes (as per our already established processes)
  • Paper work and admin with DHL or other international carriers
  • Book international sales in our ERP and work with our finance for approvals

Continue to explore better ways for overseas shipping / customs

All communication with customers / carriers

Simple editing

Support the Creative Director with simple editing of videos or design files


There will be other ad-hoc tasks where the candidate needs to support, as a member of a small team in a start-up organization.


The successful candidate is very detailed oriented, excellent command of excel, enjoys perfectly formatted files with detailed data.

The successful candidate is also service minded and gets satisfaction from a job well done and the happiness of customers, partners and team members who benefit from their well-planned and detailed work.

The successful candidate is able to self-manage and self-motivate, and is also able to get information from different, un-organized sources and making it all organized and neat.

The successful candidate enjoys being part of a growing team and enjoys going above and beyond to see the success and growth of the company.

Charlotta Gandolfo

Charlotta Gandolfo is a growing brand, and we are looking for dynamic, driven and passionate people to help drive and elevate our sales in China. Things are moving fast forward, and our sales to stores across China is growing. Come join us on this exciting journey, and get your chance to make an impact on a growing brand with high ambitions!
Charlotta Gandolfo是一个正在成长的品牌,我们正在寻找充满活力、积极进取和充满激情的人才来帮助推动和提升我们在中国的销售。公司正在快速的发展中,我们在中国各地的销售也在增长。希望您能加入我们的旅程,抓住机会让自己对一个正在成长的品牌产生影响!
We create luxurious social wear for nomads taking the roads less travelled. Our style is international and has a touch of Scandinavian chic - inspired by the life of our Swedish designer and founder, Charlotta Gandolfo.
我们为游牧民创造了奢华的社交服饰,他们走的路很少有人走。我们拥有国际化的风格和来之北欧的时尚灵感来自我们的瑞典设计师和创始人Charlotta Gandolfo的日常生活。

Charlotta Gandolfo品牌于2018年正式推出了第一个系列。三年来,公司已经取得了很大的成功,曾在Vouge、Bazaar等时尚杂志上都有报道,许多名人在大型活动中穿着它。作为新的品牌销量也都非常好。2022年对我们品牌来说将是重要的一年,因为我们计划在中国和海外大举扩张。

Office Address:

97 North Xiang Yang Road, Xuhui District


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