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Sales Representative
Published Monday, July 27

We are looking for a friendly, self-motivated, and results-driven Sales Representative for our newly developed alcoholic ready-to-drink beverage. A successful Sales Representative develops and nurtures partnerships with our internal and external customers to help grow this exciting new product. This role will have the opportunity to help drive sales growth and customer loyalty for an innovative new line of beverages in China.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Identify and visit potential POS for our products
  • Report the sales meetings and record the contact data in our sales database
  • Prepare sales forecasts
  • Receive the orders and forward to the internal Sales Team
  • Develop and maintain relationships with internal and external customers
  • Be an ambassador of the brand by promoting the product and explaining product quality, value, and style to internal and external customers




  • 挖掘潜在目标客户
  • 做好销售汇报工作,输入并整理客户数据库
  • 负责销售数据预测
  • 接收订单,并发放至销售团队
  • 开发并维护内外客户关系
  • 作为公司品牌形象代言人,能够向内部及外部客户展示产品的质量,价值及风格。


  •  Fluent in Mandarin and English (need to be able to communicate with foreign owners and customers)
  • Strong selling and relationship development skills
  • Strong oral and written communication
  • Attention to detail and organization
  • Able to solve problems and be resourceful
  • Experience in Food & Beverage or wholesale is preferable


  • 流利的普通话和英语(需要能够与国外客户交流)
  • 过硬的业务拓展和关系拓展能力
  • 良好的口头和书面沟通能力
  • 注重细节和组织管理
  • 解决问题能力强,人脉丰富
  • 有食品或饮料批发经验者优先
Fulltime 2020-07-27 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2020-08-27

ZAPFLER started in 2014 because Dirk missed a pure, fresh craft beer like he used to drink in Germany. Since then, we dedicate ourselves to brew and serve pure, fresh, premium quality craft drinks and authentic food.

This job listing has expired and is no longer open for applications