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FB/Google Ads Project Manager
Published Friday, August 14
  • Responsible for the advertisement placement and optimization of products on FB/Google and other overseas advertising platforms, including: account settings, advertising material/content creation, optimization of promotion;

  • Responsible for advertising creative planning and optimization, through internal data and competitor data analysis, continuously optimize the creative materials and delivery methods, and continue to reduce the unit acquisition cost;

  • Responsible for monitoring and researching the advertising strategies of competitors and other websites, and formulating competitive confrontation strategies;

  • Regularly upgrade and optimize product descriptions in accordance with the new FB/Google advertising policies. Regularly track and evaluate the promotion effectiveness, continuously optimize the product promotion plan based on the data, and adjust the promotion strategy in a targeted manner;


  • Familiar with the characteristics of FB/Google Adword and other advertising platforms and the operation of background tools;

  • Rich advertising experience in overseas markets such as Google ads and FB ads;

  • People who have rich experience in medium and large advertising account operation is preferred (accounts with an annual investment of five million);

  • It can be full-time/part-time job. You can work from home and work in your free time with extra income;

  • Payment: basic salary plus huge commission from sales volume;

Freelance / Project 2020-08-14 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2020-09-14
Shanghai Huazong Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Over the years, Shanghai Huazong Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. has been committed to helping Chinese companies develop strong and successful foreign trade business and cross-border E-commerce business.We work to provide our Chinese clients with overseas marketing services, such as website building, online promotion, brand building, marketing strategies, and other consulting services.

Now we are looking for Facebook/Google Ads project manager who are really experienced in Google ads & FB ads. We would like to invite you to join us. This position can be full-time/part-time job where you can work in your free time from home. We offer competitive wages, a flexible schedule, and lots of other perks if you are competitive enough. We welcome all of your guys from all around the world who have special expertise in oversea marketing to join us to make money together!

This job listing has expired and is no longer open for applications