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Jr. Business Administrator
Published Monday, December 28

Chinese Passport Holders is looking for someone who is interested in a business/commercial type role that is comfortable working in a position with a wide variety of functions.

This is very much an important commercial role. If you have a background or interest in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Project Management, or Business Management,then this role might be for you, espescially if you have an interest in learning other aspects of business you might not yet have a background in.

This is a great growth opportunity, to work with a diverse team from around the world.

You’ll work with a Commercial team of five other colleagues, overseeing some important functions in the business related to Sales processes, Market Research, Business Analysis, and helping clients execute their media planning, and consulting them when appropriate:

  1. Creating tailored proposals for clients of all types (restaurants to Multi-Nationals)
  2. Managing the reservations system for Directory listings
  3. Facilitating the contracting & invoicing process
  4. Tracking Due and Overdue payments Monthly.
  5. Reporting & performance analysis for many of our business lines
  6. Working directly with clients to manage their advertisement campaigns
  7. Tracking and analytics on all content across multiple digital channels.
  8. Market research forIndustry and market to help consulting with new prospective clients before Sales team meets with them.
  9. Helping to update and maintain up to date information in sales pipeline calendar, company and contacts CRM.
  10. Managing calendars for Brand Studio, Sales, and Property teams

You'll report to the Commercial Director. He's super nice, even tempered, very demanding (but you'll feel proud of the work that you do), will teach you a lot, and hardly ever gets unhappy, and will sometimes give you snacks whether you want them or not!

Some cool perks that you get working for SmartShanghai:

  • Get free tickets to cool events and shows around town occasionally
  • Exclusive invitations to private parties and media events
  • 3 Days per month a chance to work OOO (Out of Office, yes, home too!)
  • National Holidays, Christmas Holidays, plus 10 Days extra Annual Leave
  • Flexible work hours, early birds can start earlier and leave earlier
  • Downtown Office near IAPM Mall lots of nice restaurants, cafes nearby
  • Working for a well-known Brand in Shanghai will elevate any CV, espescially if you have an interest in working for foreign or multi-national companies

Some powerful things you'll be able to put on your CV for this role:

  • Worked directly with some well known brands including Porsche, DiDi, ALDI, Sam's Club, NYU, Shanghai JiaoTong University, and many clients in International Healthcare, and Real Estate.
  • Individual qualification certificate with Google using Analytics
  • Certified also for Inbound Marketing, and Marketing Funnels
  • Experience with full sales process
  • Competitor analysis digital
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


For this role, we're looking for someone who is interested in project management, who is comfortable interacting with clients and helping to create powerful and efficient relationships. You shouldn't be afraid of numbers, and if you are familiar with Excel, you'll have a great time. 


  • Chinese passport holder
  • Native Chinese and high-level English skills
  • We are a design driven company. PowerPoint skills and a good eye for design and layout are an absolute must
  • Good attention to detail (make sure you read this JD carefully)
  • Already located in Shanghai
  • Experience in project management is a plus
  • Good with excel
  • Experience with Google Analytics a plus
Fulltime 2020-12-28 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2021-02-28

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This job listing has expired and is no longer open for applications