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Published Monday, January 11

The Position: Chinese Sales Manager (Chinese Passport Holders Only)

Do you want to make A LOT of money? Do you like meeting new people? Do you LOVE going out to parties, events, making friends and building relationships?

There are many types of “sales personalities”, did you know that? You don’t necessarily need to be flashy and outgoing. We’ve seen amazing people tackle the sales role who are quiet, accounting types, to out-going hunters. SmartShanghai is looking for a Sales Manager to help us build a big beautiful pipeline of new commercial relationships in the city.

You will be AMAZING for this role if:

  • You are good at making powerful, lasting relationships with people who tend to make decisions.
  • People naturally enjoy your company and would invite you to their birthday parties
  • You LOVE understanding people’s needs, and finding ways to help them satisfy their needs.
  • When it comes to rejection, you don’t cry like others might…
  • You love it when people say “Ohhh wow, you work there? That is so cool!”
  • You feel comfortable talking to groups of people (or wouldn’t mind learning how to).
  • You are Pleasant, Punctual, Pro-Active, Presentable and Organized!

Here’s what an average day will look like:

  • Collaboration: You’ll regularly meet with the Commercial Director at SmSh to strategize and create plans for aggressive domination in the city. You’ll also have help from our Jr. Business Administrator, to help you with administrative tasks.
  • Research: Occasionally, you’ll need to do some quick and clever research before meeting a client. So that when you meet them, they’ll understand that you know about their business, market and product, and didn’t just show up like those other sales agents.
  • Networking: Sometimes you’ll be invited to fashion shows, restaurant openings, exclusive parties. You’ll be EXCITED to go, because you enjoy being connected to the city, and you LOVE passing out your business cards to people. You’ll create business connections, resulting in hot rewards for yourself.
  • Strategizing: You’ll work closely with our two Directory Admins (Commercial and Non-Commercial) to identify targets to put in your pipeline. Then you’ll reach out, make a connection, and get the business relationship going.

SmartShanghai is Open-Minded:

At Smart, you are free to be exactly who you are. We are LGBTQI+ friendly, we believe in the empowerment of women, and all cultures and backgrounds are appreciated for their individual uniqueness and beauty.

Who you will report to:

You will have a *REALLY* nice "boss", that will pay close attention to your personal and career development, SmSh's Commercial Directory. He's demanding, has high-expectations, and is always busy, but he will always go the extra mile to support your activities, even if you need help with a sale. And despite all that, he is generally, 90% of the time, in a good mood (except when he is hungry, then stay away).

What we offer:

  1. Base Salary + Commission on all Sales. (You’ll build up your pipeline gradually scaling up your compensation, that for the right person, could be making more than 20k+ per month).
  2. You’ll be able to put SmartShanghai Sales Manager on your Resume/CV. That will put you in extreme demand in many markets (but you’ll probably stay with us for a long time).
  3. A job where you won’t be stuck at a desk all day. You’ll get to visit restaurants, 5-star hotels, car shows, theatre events, massive parties, and other reallllly cool things. On top of that, lots of free lunches and dinners, since… of course, people like to do business over food/drink.
  4. You’ll get training in media planning, campaign analytics, marketing performance, and a lot of other cool skills to beef up your CV.
  5. 3 OOO (Out of Office) days per month. You can take these to work from home, go out explore the city, work from your favorite cafe, whatever you like.
  6. 10 days annual leave, in addition all public holidays, plus Christmas Vacation


  • Native Chinese; Chinese passport holder
  • Outstanding, persuasive communication skills in Chinese and English
  • Previous sales experience is interesting, but not necessarily a PLUS. (If you have clients you can bring with you, we’d be excited to talk to you).
  • We’re open to all backgrounds, degrees.
  • Not afraid to use Exel and Powerpoint.
Fulltime 2021-01-11 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2021-02-28

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