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Published 2022-07-21 10:51 2022-07-21 10:51:41 2022-08-20 10:51:41
Social Media Manager (Google/Facebook Ads)
  • Freelance in Shanghai | Remote Work
  • Salary: 6,000 - 20,000¥
  • Candidate Location: Only applicants currently in China

Job Description

  • Freelance/work from home on your own time
  • Research and understand products and monitor competitors' ads strategies in order to plan your own campaign
  • Plan what kind of assets (pictures, videos) you need to run successful campaigns
  • Set up and continuously optimize campaigns
  • Report on KPIs and performance of the campaigns


  • Applicants can work on their own time from home. This is an excellent opportunity for Google and Facebook Ads professionals who'd like to have a part-time/freelancing side job in Shanghai
  • Base salary plus great commission according to the sales volume


  • Applicants must be experienced with the FB/Google Adwords and other advertising platforms and the operation of related tools
  • Rich advertising experience and understanding of the USA and European markets.
  • Applicants with a rich experience in medium and large advertising account operation are preferred (accounts with an annual investment of five million)
  • Language: The working language is English and main target markets are the USA and Europe. European languages such as French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish are a plus.
  • Applicants based in Shanghai are preferred.

Application Instructions

If you are interested in our position, please send us your latest resume. Email:

Shanghai Huazong Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Over the years, Shanghai Huazong Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. has been committed to helping Chinese companies develop strong and successful foreign trade business and cross-border E-commerce business.We work to provide our Chinese clients with overseas marketing services, such as website building, online promotion, brand building, marketing strategies, and other consulting services. Now we are looking for Facebook/Google Ads project manager who are really experienced in Google ads & FB ads. We would like to invite you to join us. This position can be full-time/part-time job where you can work in your free time from home. We offer competitive wages, a flexible schedule, and lots of other perks if you are competitive enough. We welcome all of your guys from all around the world who have special expertise in oversea marketing to join us to help chinese brands globalized all around the work. If you are in shanghai and interested in our position, we pay transport fee if you apply for an interview, the other benefits include: 1. Basic salary plus huge commission from sales volume. 2. Compensate for oversea traveling if neccessary. 3. Compensate for travel fees for interview if any one is interested in our position. 4. Help apply work permit if needed.

Office Address:

Songjiang, Shanghai Jingan, shanghai


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