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Listings Editor
Published Thursday, January 09 and refreshed on Sun, Feb 09

SmartShanghai is looking for one lovable person with an unhealthy obsession for details to manage our huge venue directory and write articles based on it. This role, for a native Chinese speaker, reading and speaking English at a high level and a competitive salary, as well as a seat in SmartShanghai HQ with the rest of our team, five days a week.

The Job

SmartShanghai’s database has more than 15,000 listings, each added one at a time by one of us over the 15 years we’ve existed. We are not user-generated; we are edited. That means it is someone’s job to keep on top of the directory, manage the addition of new venues (10-20 every week), mark and record the closing of other venues, and generally keep the whole system up-to-date. This requires being out and about in the city and doing on-the-ground research, as well maintaining a wide network of contacts.

As part of this role, you’ll be expected to write articles that reference, showcase, and highlight the directory, like this or this, in addition to the herculean task of keeping the directory organized and running.

It’s a big job. It requires you to become an expert on the city. It’s incredibly detail-oriented. It’s also fun.


  • You don’t have to be an expert on the city already — we will make you one — but you must have lived in Shanghai for a minimum of two years and know your way around
  • You are a native Chinese speaker. Reading and speaking English at a high level are required
  • You are highly organized and detail-oriented. It matters to us where commas go and how our listings are formatted. This job is never-ending and will require efficiency, accuracy and the ability to care about minute details in order to be successful
  • You can write with personality
  • You have two years of provable work experience and at least a bachelor’s degree
  • You are interested in media and how it’s made in real life
Fulltime 2020-01-09 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2020-02-01
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This job listing has expired and is no longer open for applications