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  • Mosu Karting

    B1/F, Greenland Riverside Club, 500 Yunjin Lu, near Longqi Lu

    云锦路500号绿地滨江ClubB1层, 近龙启路

    198 2279 8980
    Go kart racing in South Xuhui's Greenland Riverside Club mall. They have two types of cars, but to be able to use the "pro" versions, which go up to 60mph, you have to prove...
    Mosu Karting Shanghai
    Go Karting

    Shanghai International Circuit, 2000 Yining Lu, near Anxiao Lu

    伊宁路2000号上海国际赛车场, 近安晓路

    6956 9984
    Drive around like a maniac (safely, of course) at Shanghai's largest race track, which is also host to the famous Shanghai Grand Prix. Unfortunately F1 cars unavailable to the...
    SIC KART LAND Shanghai
    Go Karting
  • Disc Cart Indoor Karting

    Changfeng Park, 809 Zaoyang Lu, near Guangfu Lu

    长风公园, 枣阳路809号, 近光复路

    6222 2880
    Go-karts and a bar. Together. Under one roof. Open until 1am. Drinking and driving is by no means discouraged — in fact, it's sort of part of the appeal. The karts vary in their...
    Disc Cart Indoor Karting Shanghai
    Go Karting
  • iKART

    B1/F, 1130 Shenbin Nan Lu, near Shaohong Lu

    申滨南路1130号B1层, 近绍虹路

    400 601 1616
    Go Karting