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  • Wujiaochang Champion Rink

    7/F, Bailian New Era Mall, 8 Songhu Lu, Yangpu district

    五角场冠军溜冰场, 淞沪路8号 杨浦区百联又一城7

    6548 3358
    Up on the northside in a Yangpu mall is the Wujiaochang Champion Rink. It's on the smaller side, coming in at 800sqm. The crowd is mostly families and students that live in the...
    Wujiaochang Champion Rink Shanghai
    Ice Skating
  • Feiyang Skating Center

    201 Yunlian Lu, near Qihe Lu

    云莲路201号, 近齐河路

    6013 6250
    An expat hockey league that competes around Asia. If you want to play there, join the club, they accept all skill levels. However, only the lower, smaller rink is open to the...
    Feiyang Skating Center Shanghai
    Ice Skating
  • All Star Skating Club

    1200 Shibo Da Dao, near Shangnan Lu

    世博大道1200号, 近上南路

    2025 8668
    This is the massive ice-skating rink inside the Benz Arena. At 1200sqm, it's probably the biggest in Shanghai, and definitely one of the nicest. This is the place to go to do...
    All Star Skating Club Shanghai
    Ice Skating
  • New World Ice Rink

    New World Department Store, 6/F, 2 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xizang Zhong Lu

    新世界百货, 南京西路2号6层, 近西藏中路

    6359 6692
    Small but functional rink tucked into a corner of New World's sixth floor. Despite the columns in the middle of the rink and the (comparatively) claustrophobically low ceiling,...
    Ice Skating