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    35/F, 1788 Square,
    1788 Nanjing Xi Lu,
    near Yuyuan Zhi Lu

    1788广场35楼, 南京西路1788号, 近愚园支路

    021 - 6140 9579
    • ExploreCRS Shanghai
    • ExploreCRS Shanghai
    • ExploreCRS Shanghai
    Explore CRS is a boutique recruitment agency, focused on the Education Sector. Catering to International and Bilingual schools across China, every year the team connects qualified teachers with new job opportunities. Explore CRS consultants speak...
    Recruitment Agencies
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    Camille Xu & Associates

    InterContinental Business Tower,
    100 Yutong Lu

    宝矿洲际商务中心50-51楼, 裕通路100号

    189 6480 6451
    • Camille Xu & Associates Shanghai
    • Camille Xu & Associates Shanghai
    • Camille Xu & Associates Shanghai
    Camille Xu & Associates is a team of English speaking lawyers, operating as a specialist branch of one of China’s most reputable law firms, Yingke Law Firm. Camille Xu is a foreign trained multi-disciplinary lawyer who's well established in...
    Labour Law
    Family Law
    Criminal Law
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    British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai

    11/F, South Tower, Shanghai China Merchants Plaza,
    333 Chengdu Bei Lu,
    near Weihai Lu

    上海招商局广场南楼11层, 成都北路333号, 近威海路

    6218 5022
    • British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai Shanghai
    • British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai Shanghai
    • British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai Shanghai
    An independent, non-profit organization that supports the business endeavors of members in the East China region with a raft of training programs, information, business resources, members-only events, opportunities to expand your network, and...
    Business Groups
    Trade Associations / Chambers
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    Shanghai Sunwising Insurance Broker

    Room 1202, 1055 Zhongshan Xi Lu,
    near Yang'an Xi Lu

    SOHO中山广场, 中山西路1055号1202室

    5280 1558
    • Shanghai Sunwising Insurance Broker Shanghai
    • Shanghai Sunwising Insurance Broker Shanghai
    Sunwising Insurance Services is a localized insurance agency that adopts an international approach to high-end medical (HEM) insurance. They work with many well-known domestic and foreign insurance companies to provide a full range of individual...
    Insurance Brokers
    Financial Advisory
    Insurance Providers
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    Mute Garage Shanghai

    Bldg 2, 425 Yanping Lu,
    near Changping Lu

    延平路425号2幢, 近昌平路

    • Mute Garage Shanghai Shanghai
    • Mute Garage Shanghai Shanghai
    • Mute Garage Shanghai Shanghai
    The showroom for an electric scooter subscription service: pay a monthly subscription fee and get an electric scooter with insurance against theft and damage. Their scooters include top brands such as Soco; NIU, Jielin and Niuding scooters with...
    Scooter Shops
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    deVere Group

    8/F, Shui On Plaza,
    333 Huaihai Zhong Lu,
    near Madang Lu

    瑞安广场8楼, 淮海中路333号, 近马当路

    2313 3000
    • deVere Group Shanghai
    • deVere Group Shanghai
    • deVere Group Shanghai
    Located centrally at Shui On Plaza on Huaihai Zhong Lu, deVere Group is a leading financial consultancy that provides high-class, professional advice to both individuals and businesses from all over the world. Each case will be taken care of by an...
    Banking & Finance
    Domestic Specialization
    Financial Advisory
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    Lannt International Moving & Relocation

    No.969, Zhongshan Nan Lu,
    near Waima Lu

    中山南路969号, 近外马路

    • Lannt International Moving & Relocation Shanghai
    • Lannt International Moving & Relocation Shanghai
    • Lannt International Moving & Relocation Shanghai
    Founded by Hong Kong company Allied Express, Shanghai Lannt International is a relocation service that put down roots in Shanghai in 2018. They have an established network of logistics operations and warehouses globally that enable them to serve...
    Moving & Relocation
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    Integra Group

    12/F, 228 Meiyuan Lu,
    near Gonghe Lu

    梅园路228号12楼, 近共和路

    6230 7675
    • Integra Group Shanghai
    • Integra Group Shanghai
    Established in 2012, Integra Group is a dynamic management accounting and consultancy firm providing accounting, tax, market entry, HR, and corporate advisory services for international businesses across Asia. Their professional team is highly...
    Business Consultancy
    Business Registration
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    Room 205, Bldg. 2, Jinhuan Mansion,
    489 Xiangyang Nan Lu,
    near Jianguo Xi Lu

    金环大厦2幢205室, 襄阳南路489号, 近建国西路

    6445 9899
    Established in 2013, KAWO helps enterprises build user-friendly software platforms to better manage their content and engage with audience. High-quality solutions are provided for international clients to iterate fast in China's rapidly changing...
    Business Consultancy
  • The Weave

    277 Wuxing Lu, near Gao'an Lu

    吴兴路277号, 近高安路

    The Weave is an F&B hub on Wuxing Lu right in the city center. Less daunting and architecturally overbearing than your typical Shanghai mall, there’s a good collection of...
    The Weave Shanghai
    F&B Hubs
  • Rockbund

    Yuanmingyuan Lu, between Beijing Dong Lu and Nan Suzhou Lu

    圆明园路, 北京东路和苏州南路中间

    This stretch of Bund property centered on Yuanmingyuan Lu between Beijing Dong Lu and Nan Suzhou Lu was renovated from 2005-2012 as part of the Waitanyuan Project, which...
    Rockbund Shanghai
  • Columbia Circle

    1262 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Panyu Lu

    延安西路1262号, 近番禺路

    3258 8818
    A historical compound that used to house, among other things, the old Navy Club, the Columbia Country Club--a popular hangout for Americans in the 20s and 40s--and a mansion...
    Columbia Circle Shanghai
    F&B Hubs
  • Shanghai SISU Translation Service Co.

    573 Chifeng Lu, near Quyang Lu

    赤峰路573号, 近曲阳路

    6536 2032
    Translation services attached to the famous Shanghai International Studies University. Good option if you're looking to get official documentation translated.
  • Shanghai Interpreters' Association

    Rm 1607, 16/F, 1277 Beijing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu

    北京西路1277号16楼, 近西康路

    6321 8568
    One of only two translation agencies in Shanghai that are government-authorized to provide translations of official documents, including drivers' licenses. They have both online...
    Jing'an District
  • White Space Meeting Rooms (Yan'an Dong Lu)

    6/F & 24/F, 700 Yan'an Dong Lu, near Xizang Nan Lu

    延安东路700号6楼&24楼, 近西藏南路

    187 2182 2420
    White Space offers short-term flexible meeting spaces dotted around Shanghai. This one in People's Square is their flagship location. Booking starts at half-day, with spaces for...
    White Space Meeting Rooms (Yan'an Dong Lu) Shanghai
    Coworking Spaces