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    88 Tongren Lu,
    near Yan'an Zhong Lu

    铜仁路88号, 近延安中路

    6320 3566
    • Latina Shanghai
    • Latina Shanghai
    • Latina Shanghai
    Latina is a mid-range South American-style churrascaria, or barbecue restaurant. You pay a flat rate for access to a salad bar and buffet and servers bearing large skewers of various grilled meats roam about to carve off portions for you.
    Latin American
    BBQ & Steaks
    Date Night
    Jing'an District
  • Oriental Pearl Sky Revolving Restaurant

    Oriental Pearl TV Tower, 1 Shiji Dadao, near Lujiazui Huan Lu

    东方明珠广播电视塔, 世纪大道1号, 近陆家嘴环路

    5879 8888
    Chinese and Western buffet, wedding-like atmosphere, pink and purple lights, and a rotating perch at a table inside the middle ball of the Pearl Tower. Food's passable, not...
    Oriental Pearl Sky Revolving Restaurant Shanghai
    All You Can Eat
    Revolving Restaurant

    2/F, Tower 2, 33 Fucheng Lu, near Lujiazui Huan Lu

    富城路33号, 浦东香格里拉大酒店2号楼2楼, 近陆家嘴环路

    6882 8888 ext 6888
    Yi Cafe is the Pudong Shangri-La's all-day dining restaurant. It's got 11 "culinary theatre stations" which feature Chinese, Western, South-East Asian, Japanese and European...
    YICAFE Shanghai
  • Wan Dao

    5/F, Wandao Taiji, 480 Wulumuqi Bei Lu, near Huashan Lu


    6565 6777
    Decent sized Japanese restaurant in Jing'an specializing in Teppanyaki.
    Wan Dao Shanghai
    All You Can Eat
    Jing'an District
  • A Jiu

    351 Wuyi Lu, near Dingxi Lu

    武夷路351号, 近定西路

    6233 3000
    A Jiu, also known as AQ Shabu Shabu, is mobbed with locals for their 159rmb, all-you-can-eat shabu shabu and sukiyaki. Meat is of surprisingly decent quality, service is fast,...
    All You Can Eat
    Hot Pot
  • Niu New (Huaihai Zhong Lu)

    3/F, 755 Huaihai Building, 755 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu

    淮海中路755号淮海755大厦3楼, 近瑞金二路

    5401 5352
    A very popular beef hotpot joint. They offer all you can eat beef hotpot at 118, 158, and 208rmb per person price levels. Higher prices will get you packages with more...
    All You Can Eat
    Hot Pot
  • Zhaodao Niu (Nanjing Xi Lu)

    4/F, Paramount Metropolis, 1728 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu

    南京西路1728号百乐门大都会4楼, 近华山路

    5253 0009
    Zhaodao Niu does Japanese-style beef hotpot. The all-you-can-eat beef restaurant is located next to Jing’an subway station. Dinner sets cost 198, 248 and 288rmb per person, with...
    All You Can Eat
    Hot Pot
    Jing'an District
  • Yan Japanese

    294 Julu Lu, near South Maoming Lu


    6256 0779
    Yan Japanese near Found 158 is a quaint restaurant with a few seats downstairs, then a upper level. They have all you can eat sushi as a menu staple for 228rmb per person. The...
    All You Can Eat
  • Han You BBQ Beef Shop

    2/F, Jingting Tiandi, 1078 Hongquan Lu, near Hongshen Lu

    虹泉路1078号井亭天地楼2楼, 近虹莘路

    6419 9965
    Han You does all day unlimited meat for Korean barbeque in Korea Town. Drinks are not included. The original price is 258rmb per person, but they have a steeply discounted 88rmb...
    BBQ & Steaks
  • Rou Duo Fang

    2/F, 1068 Beijing Xi Lu, near Jiangning Lu

    北京西路1068号2楼, 近江宁路

    6140 1306
    This Korean BBQ joint is in the same building as Haoledi KTV and Haidilao hotpot. It is a typical medium-sized Korean BBQ restaurant with table grilling stations and exhaust...
    Jing'an District
  • May Rome (Global Harbor)

    3/F, Global Harbor, 3300 Zhongshan Bei Lu, near Ningxia Lu

    中山北路3300号月星环球港3层, 近宁夏路

    5299 9108
    Self-serve seafood hotpot in Global Harbor. Gorge on seafood, best reserve ahead of time.
    All You Can Eat
    Hot Pot
  • Shang Jin Shui Chan (Huaihai Zhong Lu)

    7/F, Parkson, 918 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near South Shaanxi Lu


    6418 1690
    Shangjin Shuichan on Huaihai Zhong Lu in the Parkson building is massively well reviewed on Dianping. They specialize in sashimi and other raw seafood. The evening and weekend...
    All You Can Eat
  • Su Man Xiang (Fuzhou Lu)

    567 Fuzhou Lu, near Zhejiang Zhong Lu


    6312 9232
    At Su Man Xiang vegetarian buffet, the main selling point is the 32.9rmb per person price. That’s right, unlimited food for 32.9rmb. The fare is similar to what is offered at...
    All You Can Eat
    Vegetarian & Vegan
  • Jendow Vegetarian (Yuyuan Lu)

    3/F, 151 Yuyuan Lu, near Huashan Lu


    5168 8799
    Jendow Vegetarian (aka Rendao) is a Taiwanese chain of vegetarian restaurants. This location on the northside of Jing’an Temple has a traditional buffet-style restaurant but...
    Jendow Vegetarian (Yuyuan Lu) Shanghai
    All You Can Eat
    Taiwan Chinese
    Vegetarian & Vegan
    Jing'an District