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  • Miniature World

    6/F, Super Brand Mall, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, near Lujiazui Huan Lu

    正大广场6楼, 陆家嘴西路168号, 近陆家嘴环路

    5030 9961
    Miniature World is a miniature theme park exhibition tucked inside the Super Brand Mall. It was unveiled in early 2019 as China’s first animated miniature museum. Comprising no...
    Miniature World Shanghai
    Amusement Parks
    Kids Activities
  • Shanghai Royal Pole Dancing Studio

    11-52 , Jiameihui Building , Sichuan Bei Road , 1727 Nong , near DongBaoXing Road

    嘉美汇11-52, 四川北路1727弄,近东宝兴路

    6044 3355
    A studio on Sichuan Bei Lu specializing in pole dancing and high-energy fitness classes. Drop in class are 100RMB, and a 10+2 class package will run you 1900rmb.
    Shanghai Royal Pole Dancing Studio Shanghai
    Dance Studios
  • Zan Teppanyaki

    Sunrise On The Bund, 5/F, 168 Gaoyang Lu, near Dongchangzhi Lu

    高阳路168号5楼, 近东长治路

    6537 5939
    Zan Teppanyaki Shanghai
  • Dinoman

    Sinar Mas Plaza, 1/F, 588 Dongchangzhi Lu, near Lvshun Lu

    东长治路588号白玉兰广场1楼, 近旅顺路

    6505 1788
    The magical Jurassic indoor park where you get to see some fossilized remains of our predecessors and once the rulers of the planet. Expect a close encounter with the first...
    Dinoman Shanghai
    Amusement Parks
    Theme Parks
  • Shanghai General Hospital

    100 Haining Lu, near Wusong Lu

    海宁路100号, 近吴淞路

    6324 0090
    This public hospital under Jiaotong University is Shanghai’s main research, training and prevention center for optometry, and has been a leading hospital for eye surgeries for...
    Hospitals & Clinics
  • IMCC of Shanghai First People's Hospital (Hongkou)

    585 Jiulong Lu, near Haining Lu

    九龙路585号, 近海宁路

    6324 3852
    Founded in 1864 and offers both local and international healthcare practices. Aside from Chinese and English, doctors here can speak a variety of languages such as French,...
    Hospitals & Clinics
  • Hitime International Tower

    888 Sichuan Bei Lu, near Haining Lu

    四川北路888号, 近海宁路

  • Modern Sky Lab (Ruihong Tiandi)

    3/F, Ruihong Tiandi 188 Ruihong Lu, near Tianhong Lu

    瑞虹路188号3楼, 近天虹路

    6580 7180
    State of the art, mid-size livehouse run by one of China's biggest indie labels, Modern Sky (the same folks who bring you Strawberry Festival every year). Equipped with...
    Live Music
  • Bellagio Shanghai

    188 Beisuzhou Lu, near Zhapu Lu

    北苏州路188号, 近乍浦路

    3680 6666
    Opened in early 2018, it's a luxury hotel with a heavy Art Deco theme. It's also the first branch of the storied MGM hotel brand outside North America, run by a joint venture...
    Luxury Hotels
  • Kurogi

    Bellagio Shanghai, 1/F, 188 Bei Suzhou Lu, near Zhapu Lu

    北苏州路188号1楼, 近乍浦路

    3603 0171
    Super high-end kaiseki inside the Bellagio Shanghai from a Tokyo legend, Iron Chef Juno Kurogi. The short and sweet of it is that this is A-list Japanese kaiseki dining for...
  • Wonder Palazzo

    Rm. 205, 2/F, 223 Huimin Lu, near Lintong Lu

    惠民路223号2楼205室, 近临潼路

    166 0217 8085
    A bit of light-hearted copyright infringement, this cafe hidden behind a coca-cola fridge in an office block in Hongkou is the latest in the never-ending trend of "picturesque...
    Wonder Palazzo Shanghai
  • Lai Lai Dance Hall

    2/F, 235 Anguo Lu, near Zhoujiazui Lu

    安国路235号2楼, 进周家嘴路

    150 2174 7399
    In gaydom, this place is a historical landmark for China’s underground, closeted scene. Way up in Hongkou, Lai Lai is a dance hall in a shabbier part of Shanghai. It screams...
    Lai Lai Dance Hall Shanghai
  • Mr Pancake House (Meiyuan Lu)

    1/F, 277 Meiyuan Road, near Gonghe Lu

    梅园路277号1楼, 近共和路

    5299 3592
    The Mr. Pancake House chain has remained in business since around 2008 because they open early and serve cheap, mediocre American diner style breakfast and weak, bottomless...
    Mr Pancake House (Meiyuan Lu) Shanghai
    Jing'an District
  • Qiujiang Lu Electronics Market

    500-526 Qiujiang Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu

    虬江路500-526号, 近四川北路

    Electronics & Appliances
  • Liking Fit

    2/F, International Capital Plaza, 1318 Sichuan Bei Lu, near Wujin Lu


    3530 7508
    A well-equipped 24 hour gym right next to Sichuan Bei Lu station. Liking Fit tends to the needs of fitness freaks who want to train during the small hours. Daylight hours are...
    Liking Fit Shanghai
    Fitness Centers