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  • BM International

    New Factories, 1/F, 34 Yuyao Lu, near Xikang Lu

    新工厂(同乐坊), 余姚路34号1楼, 近西康路

    T: 134 8266 5101

    BM Internatianal bangs it out every day of the week with daily drink specials and open bar deals. The club's vibe and décor reminiscent of the 1980s -- red velvet seats/zebra print designs here and...

  • Down Home Kitchen

    Bldg15, 48 Yu Yao Lu, New Factories

    余姚路48号, 近海防路和西康路

    T: 5213 5277

    Owned by a local celebrity, Down Home Kitchen provides good quality and value for money Shanghainese dishes, coupled with old Shanghai theme makes for a memorable Shanghai experience. Set within...

  • Tonglefang

    537 Haifang Road, near Xikang Road

    海防路537号, 近西康路


  • Club Sky

    1/F, New Factories, No. 74 Yuyao Lu, near Xikang Lu

    余姚路74号,1楼, 同乐坊内, 近西康路

    T: 6255 5626

    Pretty down-at-heel club in the New Factories. This area was once really hot, when Muse was here. Now it's kinda low-rent, though still brings in some younger Chinese partiers for bottles, cheap...