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  • 2Wheels

    699-4 Julu Lu, near Xiangyang Bei Lu

    巨鹿路699-4, 近襄阳北路

    185 1619 0124
    Little bustling bike shop on Julu Lu with shiny customized bikes and bike accessories. Store owner Danny and his dad are there every day, willing to show you around or offer up...
    2Wheels Shanghai
    Bike Shops
    Jing'an District
  • Giant (Changning Lu)

    1475 Changning Lu, near Qiuyi Lu

    长宁路1475号, 近遒义路

    5273 1684
    Giant has a vast, sprawling network of franchises in Shanghai, and they vary wildly in size and quality of service, but they all stock Giant bikes. This one, near Zhongshan...
    Giant (Changning Lu) Shanghai
    Bike Shops
  • Rideal

    383 Jiaozhou Lu, near Wuding Lu

    胶州路383号, 近武定路

    186 2111 8465
    Rideal’s most popular bikes are pricy custom-jobs, but they also stock Tokyobike, an independent Japanese brand now based in downtown LA. These models cost between 4-5k at...
    Rideal Shanghai
    Bike Shops
    Fixed Gear Shop
    Jing'an District
  • Electra (Tianping Lu)

    No. 3-5, Lane 320 Tianping Lu, near Hengshan Lu

    天平路320弄3-5号, 近衡山路

    5466 5650
    Electra, bicycle company to the stars, specializes in bikes that look really good and ride really smooth. The bikes are beautiful, like worthy of being hung above Giorgio...
    Electra (Tianping Lu) Shanghai
    Bike Shops
  • Brompton Junction (Jing'an Kerry Center)

    1/F, South Block, Jing'an Kerry Center, 1515 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Tongren Lu

    静安嘉里中心南区1层, 南京西路1515号, 近铜仁路

    6312 8937
    Brompton is a brand of these super nifty British bikes that fold up into something about the size of, say, five Homeslice pizza boxes. Their whole bit is how compact, convenient...
    Brompton Junction (Jing'an Kerry Center) Shanghai
    Bike Shops
  • Specialized Bikes (Changning Lu)

    1435 Changning Lu, near Qiuyi Lu

    长宁路1475号, 近遒义路

    5206 1767
    Top-range road bike outlet that exclusively stocks their own brand of ultra-modern, ultra-expensive rides. The cheapest bikes start around 5k, with the most expensive ones that...
    Specialized Bikes (Changning Lu) Shanghai
    Bike Shops