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  • The Cheesecake Factory (Disneytown)

    Unit 720, Disneytown, 225 Shendi Xi Lu, near Qimiao Lu

    申迪西路225弄迪斯尼小镇720号, 近奇妙路

    T: 5893 6018

    There are nearly 200 The Cheesecake Factory restaurants around the world. One of them is at Disney Shanghai, and it's a pretty good one at that. Burgers, sliders, pasta, sandwiches, fried chicken,...

  • Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

    1009 Shendi Xi Lu, Chuansha


    T: 2009 8002

  • Molokai (Disneytown)

    No. 655, Lane 255 Shendi Xi Lu, near Qimiao Lu

    申迪西路255弄655号, 近奇妙路

    T: 6890 2297

    Molokai is a Hong Kong-style cha canting from the people behind Barbarossa. The menu largely comprises staples like fried lo mein, Hainan chicken rice, shrimp wontons and classic diner drinks like...

  • The Dining Room (Disney Town)

    Lane 255 Shendi Xi Lu, near Qimiao Lu

    申迪西路255弄迪士尼小镇, 近奇妙路

    T: 5083 2018

    Popular chain of Shanghai Min's casual dining brand, focusing on Shanghai-style snacks like shengjian, crab roe xiaolong, scallion pancake with a creative twist. Lots of small eats, combined with...

  • Shanghai Disneytown

    Lane 255 Shendi Xi Lu, near Qimiao Lu

    申迪西路255弄迪士尼小镇, 近奇妙路


    Disneytown is the shopping, dining, and activities urban hub of the Shanghai Disney Resort. It offers an array of kiosks and stores to pick up souvenirs and gifts, as well as lots of dining options...

  • Shanghai Disney Resort

    310 Shendi Xi Lu


    T: 2099 8002

    The wonderful, fabulous land of the Mouse, it's Shanghai's own slice of the Disney universe. This is the greater area, inside which you'll find Shanghai Disneyland Park, featuring the largest...

  • Shendi Ecology Park

    No 188, 399 Shendi Dong Lu, near Disney Resort

    申迪东路399弄188号, 近迪士尼


  • Crystal Jade (Disneyland)

    255 Shendi Xi Lu, near Lantian Dadao

    申迪西路255号, 近蓝天大道

    T: 5039 7880

    Crystal Jade is a chain from Singapore that's consistently packed for its combination of stylish decor and Cantonese cooking. Dim sum, in particular, is wildly popular. Most people go for the...

  • Ray-Ban (Disneyland)

    88 Shendi Dong Lu, near Shendi Nan Lu

    申迪东路88号, 近申迪南路

    T: 2099 5831

    Ray-Ban eyewear store at the Disneyland Resort.