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  • Subconscious Day Spa

    3 locations in Shanghai:

    Subconscious Day Spa caters to those seeking balance, rejuvenation, and total wellness of the body, mind, and soul. All materials used in the spa have been carefully...
    Subconscious Day Spa Shanghai
    Nail Salons
    Waxing & Hair Removal
    Spa and Massage
  • The Place

    100 Zunyi Lu, near Ziyun Lu

    遵义路100号, 近紫云路

    A mall dedicated to kids and family, the foyer level has regular theme events from famous kids cartoon shows, the 3rd floor has a host of kids activities and playgrounds form...
    Shopping Malls
  • Subconscious Day Spa (The Place)

    4/F, 100 Zunyi Lu, ear Ziyun Lu

    遵义路100号4楼, 近紫云路

    6273 0161
    Subconscious is a chain best known for its massages but also does facials, nails, body treatments, medical manual therapy, and waxing. Service and amenities go above and beyond...
    Subconscious Day Spa (The Place) Shanghai
    Eyelash Extension
    Nail Salons
  • Zicool (The Place)

    3/F, North Phase, 150 Zunyi Lu, Near Ziyun Lu

    南丰城北区3楼, 遵义路100号, 近紫云路

    6225 3668
    Previously known as Qkuts, ZiCool is a Kids-Only Hair Salon, Nail Spa, Toy Store, and Spa Party Venue, committed to the highest safety and cleaning standards, works with...
    Zicool (The Place) Shanghai
    Hair Salons
    Nail Salons
  • Lollipop Playground

    100 Zunyi Lu, near Ziyun Lu

    遵义路100号, 近紫云路

    8010 5701
    Lollipop is small and but younger kids (about 6 months to 6 years old) will like it. It’s an enclosed space with a modest jungle gym, and places for crawling and climbing that...
    Kids Activities
  • Putien (The Place)

    5/F, 150 Zunyi Lu, near Ziyun Lu

    遵义路150号5层, 近紫云路

    5298 8756
    Michelin 1 Star restaurant chain originating from Singapore, focussing on Putian cuisine, from a seaside town in Fujian. Putian cuisine is not dissimilar to Hokkien Cuisine.
  • Aniseed Saigon

    The Place, 1/F, 122 Zhunyi Lu, near Ziyun Lu

    遵义路122弄42号1楼, 近紫云路

    6237 1127
  • The Hut (The Place)

    6/F, North Area, 150 Zunyi Lu, near Ziyun Lu

    遵义路150号北区6楼, 近紫云路

    6273 3085
  • Taoyuan Village (The Place)

    1/F, 100 Zunyi Lu, near Ziyun Lu

    遵义路100号1楼, 近紫云路

    6237 8690
    Taiwanese-breakfast inspired chain that specializes in shao bing, a flaky, crispy sandwich filled with egg, "bacon", and lettuce. Nice environment here, but the food is...
    Taiwan Chinese
  • Luna

    No 66, 122 Zunyi Lu, near Ziyun Xi Lu

    遵义路122弄66号, 近紫云西路

    6336 1717
  • TaoLiving (The Place)

    1-L316, 100 Zunyi Lu, near Ziyun Lu

    遵义路100号虹桥南丰城1-L316号, 近紫云路

    6237 0638
  • Taco Bell (The Place)

    1/F, 100 Zunyi Lu, near Ziyun Lu

    遵义路100号1楼, 近紫云路

    6234 0285
    It's Taco Bell. A fast-food take on Mexican/Tex-Mex with quesadillas, hard/soft shell tacos, nachos and Asahi on draft. SmartShanghai's professional opinion? It's blaaaarrrrg....