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  • SSIS

    301 Zhujian Lu, near Lianyou Lu

    朱建路301号, 近联友路

    6221 9288
    SSIS offers a complete Pre K-12 education for the expatriate community in Shanghai. It has a strong tradition with international accreditations, led by a dedicated academic...
    SSIS Shanghai
    Nursery & Kindergarden
    Early Childhood & Kindergartens
    Primary Schools
  • Deutsche Schule Shanghai (German School Shanghai) EuroCampus

    350 Gaoguang Lu, near Zhuguang Lu

    高光路350号, 近诸光路

    3976 0555
    The German School was founded in 199 5and comprises two locations - the EuroCampus in Puxi and the EuroCampus in Yangpu. The German School Shanghai offers education from...
    Deutsche Schule Shanghai (German School Shanghai) EuroCampus Shanghai
    Early Childhood & Kindergartens
    Primary Schools
    Secondary Schools
  • Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten (Zhaoxiang)

    1 Yehui Lu, near Jiasong Zhong Lu

    业辉路1号, 近嘉松中路

    6975 6166
    An international kindergarten suitable for children aged 2-6 and offers Mandarin lessons and a blend of Eastern and Western teaching practices.
    Early Childhood & Kindergartens
  • IFA Paris Fashion School

    350 Xianxia Lu, near Gubei Lu

    仙霞路350号, 近古北路

    6275 0055
    IFA Paris is a French fashion school with campuses in Paris and Shanghai offering students undergraduate courses in design and marketing, and postgraduate courses in design,...
    Adult Education
  • Hult International Business School

    HuaxinHai Xin Building, 666 Fuzhou Lu, near Yunnan Lu

    福州路666号华鑫海欣大厦, 近云南中路

    6133 6588
    Their award-winning Global One-Year MBA curriculum simultaneously develops your core business knowledge and leadership skills and then enables you to put everything you’ve...
    Master & MBA Programs
    Adult Education
  • SUIS Hongqiao

    999 Hongquan Lu, near Hongxin Lu

    虹泉路999号, 近虹莘路

    3431 0090
    Primary Schools
    Secondary Schools
  • YCIS

    1433 Dongxiu Lu, near Jinhe Lu

    东绣路1433号, 近锦和路

    2226 7666
    Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS) is a well-established international school, offering a progressive and international program with a multicultural and bilingual...
    YCIS Shanghai
    Early Childhood & Kindergartens
    Primary Schools
    Secondary Schools
  • Aiju Primary School - International Division

    247 Anfu Lu, near Wukang Lu

    安福路247号, 近武康路

    5404 3697
    Aiju Primary School in Xuhui District, Shanghai, is a private school founded by Hong Kong's famous patriotic industrialist, former CPPCC member Liu Haoqing and his wife, Ms....
    Primary Schools
  • Shanghai Livingston American School

    580 Ganxi Lu, near Xiehe Lu

    甘溪路580号, 近协和路

    6238 3511
    The school follows the American Advanced Placement (AP) program and California Curriculum.
    Early Childhood & Kindergartens
    Primary Schools
    Secondary Schools
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    1954 Huashan Lu, near Guangyuan Xi Lu

    华山路1954号, 近广元西路

    5474 0000
    This is a huge university campus in the west of downtown Shanghai. It's popular with foreigners for its Chinese language courses. They run summer school and regular semesters...
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai
    Master & MBA Programs
    Colleges & Universities
  • YKPS High

    No. 1800, Lane 900 Sanxin Bei Lu, near Xin Songjiang Lu

    三新北路900弄1800号, 近新松江路

    6167 1999
    YK Pao School is a non-profit private school with an English and Chinese bilingual program that was founded in memory of the Hong Kongnese shipping magnet Sir YK Pao. It is...
    YKPS High Shanghai
    Primary Schools
    Secondary Schools
  • SVFS

    Shanghai University Yanchang Campus, Bldg 1, 149 Yanchang Lu, near Pingxingguan Lu

    延长路149号1号楼, 近平型关路

    5633 1055 / 5633 1320
    Shanghai Vancouver Film School provides 1-year courses on film production, acting, writing, game design, makeup, sound design and 3D animation. Courses are taught in English,...
    Adult Education
    Colleges & Universities
    Jing'an District
  • Tongji University

    1239 Siping Lu, near Zhangwu Lu

    四平路1239号, 近彰武路

    6598 2200
    Originally established by the German government with the German Medical School, Tongji University has since become a major university with strong engineering, architecture, and...
    Colleges & Universities
  • Living Word Shanghai

    688 Jiyou Lu, near Jidi Lu


    6296 8877
    A bilingual school located in the Minhang district.
  • Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

    99 Shangda Lu, near Nanchen Lu

    上大路99号, 近南陈路

    6613 2818
    Shanghai Academy of Fine Art is the fine art school of Shanghai University. It was first established in 1912 and offers 9 different undergraduate majors, such as Chinese...