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  • Jinshan City Sand Beach

    • Address
      7555 Huhang Gonglu, near Mengshan Lu
    • Phone

    Shanghai has a beach! And it's way out in Jinshan on "line 22" which actually isn't a line at all, it's a bullet train. You can use your metro card though, and you don't need your passport. Tickets down there cost 10rmb, then entry to the beach area itself during... Read more

  • Bike Plate Application Center (Jinshan)

    • Address
      No. 38, Lane 8484 Huhang Gonglu, near Weiling Lu
      沪杭公路8484弄38号, 近卫零路
    • Phone
      5797 1163

    The place where you get a license and plate for your ebike. Bring your passport, photocopies of the ID page and your visa, a fapiao for the bike and a conformity certificate, usually included in the paperwork you get with the bike, and your temporary residence permit. Read more