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  • Long Museum (West Bund)

    3398 Longteng Avenue, near Fenglin Lu

    龙腾大道3398号, 近枫林路

    6422 7636
    Opened in 2014, the Long Museum West Bund is the second of Chinese billionaire collectors Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei's expanding empire. The architecture is stunning - right on the...
    Long Museum (West Bund) Shanghai
    Art Museums
  • Museum of Art Pudong

    2777 Binjiang Dadao, near Fenghe Lu

    滨江大道2777号, 近丰和路

    400 820 8771
    Opened in 2021, the Museum of Art Pudong was designed by famous French architect Jean Nouvel, who also did the big red building near Xintiandi. It’s a ten-minute walk from the...
    Museum of Art Pudong Shanghai
    Art Museums
  • Power Station of Art

    200 Huayuangang Lu, near Miaojiang Lu

    花园港路200号, 近苗江路

    3110 8550
    The PSA is an impressive but cumbersome space, a huge building likened by curator Qui Zhijie to London’s Tate Modern. The PSA may have similar hardware to that legendary...
    Power Station of Art Shanghai
    Art Museums
  • Bund One Art Museum

    3/F, 1 Zhongshang Dong Yi Lu, near Yan'an Dong Lu


    An art museum located at the Bund, inside the Aisa Building alongside Yan'an Gao Jia.
    Bund One Art Museum Shanghai
    Art Museums
  • Modern Art Museum

    4777 Binjiang Da Dao, near Pudian Lu

    滨江大道4777号, 近浦电路

    6878 1390
    A former coal storage facility known as the Lao Bai Du Coal Warehouse (老白渡煤仓), it was transformed by Atelier Deshaus (who also did the West Bund’s Long Museum) into a museum. It...
    Modern Art Museum  Shanghai
    Art Museums
  • China Art Museum

    161 Shangnan Lu, near Guozhan Lu

    上南路205号, 近国展路

    400 921 9021
    A vast art museum, housed in the former Chinese Expo pavilion over in Pudong. Works on display span modern and contemporary periods, and there's also a steady rotation of...
    China Art Museum Shanghai
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  • West Bund Art Center

    2555 Longteng Da Dao, near Fenggu Lu

    龙腾大道2555号, 近丰谷路

    5101 6677
    Complex of general-use exhibition halls on West Bund, often used for big art exhibitions, including the annual West Bund Design & Art fair.
    West Bund Art Center Shanghai
    Art Museums
  • YUZ Museum

    35 Fenggu Lu, near Longteng Avenue

    丰谷路35号, 近龙腾大道

    6426 1901
    Opened in May 2014, YUZ Museum Shanghai is the second major private institution to grace the city's West Bund area. This one is the brainchild of Chinese-Indonesian collector,...
    YUZ Museum Shanghai
    Art Museums
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai

    People's Park, 231 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huangpi Bei Lu

    人民公园, 南京西路231号, 近黄陂北路

    6327 1282
    The best part of the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MOCA) is the prime location smack dab in a lovely green portion of People's Square. Sunlight and panoramic views pour...
    Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai Shanghai
    Art Museums
  • HOW Art Museum

    No. 1, Lane 2277 Zuchongzhi Lu, near Shengxia Lu

    祖冲之路2277弄1号, 近盛夏路

    5157 2277
    Established in 2017 and dubbed Shanghai’s first 'night museum,' for its later opening hours, HOW is a 7,000sqm, 3-story building, adjacent to a five-star art hotel. It also...
    HOW Art Museum Shanghai
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  • Dialogue in the Dark

    2-103, 99 Jiangbin Lu, near Kaiping Lu

    江滨路99号2-103, 近开平路

    6302 0090
    A sensory exhibition originating in Germany, which allows sighted people to process daily routine in a completely darkened environment, with the help of blind or visually...
    Dialogue in the Dark Shanghai
    Art Museums
  • West Bund Museum

    2600 Longteng Dadao, near Longlan Lu

    龙腾大道2600号, 近龙兰路

    3101 1011
    One of many art museums on the West Bund campus.
    West Bund Museum Shanghai
    Art Museums
  • Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum

    2600 Longteng Dadao, near Longteng Lu

    龙腾大道2600号, 近龙腾路

    3101 1011
    Until 2025, Centre Pompidou is collaborating with the West Bund Group to establish the most significant artistic exchange between France and China to date. The exterior of the...
    Art Museums
  • Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum

    6/F, 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu

    中山东一路27号6楼, 近北京东路

    137 7447 1354
    Opened in 2018, this museum is housed on the sixth floor of Jardine Matheson Building on the bund, a six-story listed national heritage site at Bund 27 that has been standing...
    Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum Shanghai
    Art Museums
  • chi K11 Art Museum

    B3/F, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu

    淮海中路300号, 近黄陂南路

    2310 3066
    Mall or no mall, the chi K11 Art Center is an excellent institution. It’s only been around since summer 2013, but K11 has showed some fine and surprising shit, including an...
    chi K11 Art Museum Shanghai
    Art Museums