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  • Merry Maids

    Lane 368 Henan Nan Lu, near Zhoujin Lu

    河南南路368弄, 近昼锦路

    T: 139 1618 8665

    Baby-sitting, housekeeping and cleaning maids provider for expats and locals in Shanghai. Ayi come from all over China, are professionally trained and have the necessary health check documents....

  • Qingsong Daojia

    260 Jinan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu


    T: 400 8110 428

    Home electronics cleaning and servicing company. Standard cleaning fee for a wall-mounted air conditioner is 85rmb.

  • Xixie Sneaker Spa

    No.3, 192 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Xinle Lu

    陕西南路192号3号门, 近新乐路

    T: 156 0165 3810

    Xixie in Chinese means "wash shoes". This chain franchise brand is one of the earliest to do professional shoe cleaning service. It first originated in Guangdong and now has dozens of stores all...

  • Shifen Daojia Qingxi

    Rm. 2404, Bldg 2, Lane 258 Dongbaoxing Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu


    T: 403 8300 100

    Home electronics cleaning and servicing company. Standard cleaning fee for a wall-mounted air conditioner is 72rmb.

  • Bayer ByePest

    363 Changping Lu, near Shaanxi Bei Lu

    昌平路363号WeWork, 近陕西北路

    T: 400 186 8282

    ByePest is a professional pest control service provider incubated by Bayer, with professionally trained technicians. Pesticides used in the services are Bayer products that are recognized by FDA...

  • Jiadian Suxiu

    199 Haifang Lu, near Changhua Lu


    T: 400 0099 737

    Home electronics cleaning and servicing company. Standard cleaning fee for a wall-mounted air conditioner is 150rmb.

  • Scandic Sourcing

    Rm1208, 525 Jianguo Dong Lu, near Chongqing Nan Lu

    建国东路525号1208室, 近重庆南路


    Scandic Sourcing develop customized solutions and support offerings that match our clients needs and budgets. Their clients range from SME's to multinational companies. 

  • Jia You Guan Jia

    532 Xinfeng Lu, near Changde Lu

    新丰路532号, 近常德路

    T: 150 2182 9050, 173 1782 3369

  • Merry Cleaning Services

    2/F, 131 Yanping Lu, near Wuding Lu

    延平路131号2楼, 近武定路

    T: 6380 1553

    Merry is an ayi service that used to cater to individuals but now only provides services to companies and restaurants.

  • Zhuanye Kongtiao Qingxi Tuandui

    No. 1, Lane 39 Lingling Bei Lu, near Lingling Lu


    T: 131 2070 7076

    Home electronics cleaning and servicing company. Standard cleaning fee for a wall-mounted air conditioner is 78rmb plus call-out fee depending on where you live.

  • PureLiving

    3/F, Bldg C, 753 Yuyuan Lu, near Zhenning Lu

    愚园路753号C号楼3楼, 近镇宁路

    T: 6236 5876

    PureLiving is an indoor environmental consulting company with building engineers, HVAC specialists, and environmental consultants advising clients on air and water quality, mold, asbestos and lead...

  • Guardian Hygiene

    440 Zhongshan Nan Er Lu, near Xiaomuqiao Lu

    中山南二路440号, 近小木桥路

    T: 400 880 6122

    A professional air purification and office environment fix provider in Shanghai. They offer total-solution package for PM2.5, office disinfection, bathroom disinfection, insect removal and others. 

  • Circle Clean

    1387 Yuyuan Lu, near Changning Lu


    T: 40080 50655

    For shoes you would rather not clean yourself, Circle Clean will do it for you. With their standard package offering a 4 day turn around, cleaning leather, suede and fabric shoes as well as...

  • PPS International Cleaning Service

    10F, 101 Nanmatou Lu, near Dongsanjie Lu

    南码头路101号10楼, 近东三街路

    T: 6447 8399

    A professional Hong Kong and Shanghai-based cleaning service company that provides wide of customized commercial cleaning including disinfection, pest control, carpet cleaning, food waste...

  • Johnson Group

    Rm 2516, 168 Yude Lu, near Wending Lu

    裕德路168号2516室, 近文定路

    T: 3368 5213, 3368 5223

    This home cleaning service based out of Hong Kong does antibacterial deep cleaning, allergen and mold removal, and pest management. They use safe, green materials for long-lasting treatments.

  • Enjoy Wash Area Rugs Cleaning

    422 Fuchun Lu, near Liquan Lu

    府村路422号, 近礼泉路

    T: 6111 9284

  • Hawk Carpet Cleaning Service

    2021 Caoyang Lu, near Lanzhi Lu

    曹杨路2021号, 近兰芝路

    T: 135 2423 5840

    Dedicated carpet cleaning company for office and home carpets. They do door to door pickup and delivery. Synthetic carpet cleaning costs 99rmb per square meter, 129rmb/m2 for long hair and...

  • Shansheng Air Purification

    Rm 103, Bldg 5, 551 Zhenda Lu, near Hutai Lu

    真大路551号5号楼103室, 近沪太路

    T: 5668 5380

    Shansheng is a professional air purification company that offers air purifier rental and indoor air test and purification one-stop solution. They are the authorized blueair air purifier leasing...

  • Home King

    Rm508-509, Building A, 1618 Yishan Lu, near Lianhua Lu

    宜山路1618号新意城A508-509, 近莲花路


    A professional cleaning and catering company with locations in over 27 cities in China. They also serve as an academy to train professional cleaners, chef, designers and etc. 

  • eJia Zhengbaojie Jiadian Qingxi

    419 Gulang Lu, near Qi'an Lu


    T: 400 6664 555

    Home electronics cleaning and servicing company. Standard cleaning fee for a wall-mounted air conditioner is 88rmb.

  • Shanghai Bingchong

    13F, 2388 Chenhanggong Lu, near Puxinggong Lu

    陈行公路2388号13楼, 近浦星公路

    T: 177 6517 3175

    Shanghai Bingchong provides services of PM2.5 removal, air quality test & fix, and office disinfection. They work with many large conventions and hotels all over China. 

  • Blue Lions

    1272 Fenghuagong Lu, near Tianchuang Lu

    丰华公路1272号, 近天创路

    T: 5273 3000

    Blue Lions is a joint venture professional cleaning services company that offers office cleaning and office building security guard services. Their clients include Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent and Vanke.

  • ChemDry

    98 Laiting Nan Lu, near Banting Lu

    涞亭南路98号, 近半亭路

    T: 136 8164 8558

    Chem-Dry is ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine for 25 years in a row as top of their category, with more than 3,500 locations worldwide. Provide carpet, upholstery and oriental rug cleaning solutions.

  • ChemDry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service

    98 Laiting Nan Lu, near Banting Lu

    涞亭南路98号, 近半亭路

    T: 13681648558

  • BZJ Cleaning Service Company

    9/F, 99 Zhucheng Lu, near Tianhe Lu

    珠城路99号9楼, 近天河路

    T: 5453 0129

    A professional cleaning companies that provides the cleaning service for standard factory rooms, hotel rooms, marketplace, buildings, families, etc. 

  • Leaf EP Office Cleaning & Disinfection

    Building 3, 3599 Yuanjiang Lu near Xinyuan Lu

    元江路3599号3号楼, 近新源路

    T: 5422 5011

    A professional office disinfection company that provides total solution for buildings, hotels and hospitals. Their notable clients include Indigo Hotel, State Grid and others. 

  • ULAN Air Purification and Disinfection

    2F, A7, 2883 Cao'An Gong Lu, near Huangjiajiayuan Lu

    曹安公路2883号四方科创中心A7幢2层, 近黄家花园路

    T: 400 158 1580

    A nation-wide professional air purification and CMA test company that targets at corporates and families. They have 24/7 hotline that you can ask for quote.