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  • ASI Movers

    Hitime International Tower, Room 1703, 888 Sichuan Bei Lu, near Haining Lu

    四川北路888号1703室, 近海宁路

    T: 139 1649 7619

    ASI Movers is a relocation company based in China. It provides solutions to corporate HR managers looking for mobility solutions, individuals moving to a new home across the country, and families...

  • Lannt International Moving & Relocation

    No.969, Zhongshan Nan Lu, near Waima Lu

    中山南路969号, 近外马路

    T: 13641626339

  • Asian Tigers China

    Lane 1279 Zhongshan Xi Lu, near Wuzhong Lu

    中山西路1279弄 近吴中路

    T: 3209 5561

    High-end relocation provider that offers end-to-end mobility services.

  • Bansard International

    Rm 901, Central Plaza, 227 Huangpi Bei Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu

    黄陂北路227号901室, 近南京西路

    T: 5169 5775

    Founded in Paris in 1963, Bansard International is a freight forwarder (AIR-SEA-RAIL-ROAD) and logistics solution providers based in 17 countries and in mainland China since 2002 with 9 offices:...

  • Hiboo Movers

    23/F, West Building Shanghai Kingworld Hi-Tech Park, 668 Beijing Dong Lu, near Zhejiang Zhong Lu

    北京东路668号23喽, 进浙江中路

    T: 400 618 2882

  • Asian Lions Moving

    668 Beijing Dong Lu, near Fujian Zhong Lu

    北京东路668号, 近福建中路

    T: 5187 9735

    Asian Lions relocation services focus on domestic and international moving, customs declarations, auto transport services and office moving.

  • Beyond Relocation

    Unit 2103-2104, 200 Ninghai Dong Lu, near Zhejiang Nan Lu

    宁海东路200号2103-2104室, 近浙江南路

    T: 400 001 7533

  • BALtrans International Special Freight

    Room 101, Wangjiao Plaza, 175 Yan'an Dong Lu, near Fujian Nan Lu

    延安东路175号旺角广场1楼, 近福建南路

    T: 6228 1933

  • Asian Express International Movers

    Room-408, KCS Building No. 276 Ningbo Road

    T: 6258 2244 / 24h Emergency 1500 183 7630

    Established in 1979, Asian Express International Movers specialize in local, international and domestic residential and commercial moves, long and short-term warehouse storage, climate/humidity...

  • Irealty Relocation

    3/F, 85 Taoyuan Lu, near Liulin Lu

    桃源路85号3楼, 近柳林路

    T: 188 1746 3436

    Real estate and destination services provider for cities throughout China. They can help with the whole process of relocation; pre-assignment trips, home-finding, city tours, school visits and...

  • AMR International Relocation

    Suite 1410, 8 Kuaiji Lu, near Renmin Lu

    会稽路8号1410室, 近人民路

    T: 4000 126 267

  • Townscape Housing

    1/F, 55 Changle Lu, near Chengdu Nan Lu

    长乐路55号1楼 成都南路

    T: 5161 9783

    Property agency focused on expatriate residents looking for rental property.

  • Expat Movers

    Room 1703, 888 Sichuan Bei Lu, near Haining Lu

    四川北路888号1703室, 近海宁路

    T: 5187 3773

  • Orlocity

    77 Jianguo Xin Lu, near Xizang Nan Lu

    建国新路77弄, 近西藏南路

    T: 6052 5680

  • Arpin International

    Unit 1308, 289 Wujin Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu

    武进路289号1308室, 近四川北路

    T: 6225 3301

  • Joanna Real Estate (Meiyuan Lu)

    Rm 2807-2810, 228 Meiyuan Lu, near Gonghe Lu

    梅园路228号, 2807-2810室, 近共和路

    T: 5228 5528

    JRE has over 20 years of experience as one of China's top luxury residential service providers. They cover the country's major cities and have over 450 local and expat agents that provide...

  • Orlocity Business Services And Visa

    289 Wujin Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu

    武进路289号, 近四川北路

    T: 131 2201 9203

    Orlocity China VISA & Business Services is a Shanghai based agency providing support to businesses looking to expand in the Chinese market.

  • AGS Four Winds Shanghai

    Jing'an Modern Industry Tower 2/F, 68 Changping Lu, near Suzhou Xi Lu

    昌平路68号2楼, 近西苏州路

    T: 3126 2221

    AGS Four Winds offers relocation services including moving logistics, international removals, packing and short and long-term storage. It is an international company that operates worldwide....

  • Maxview Relocations

    36/F, 299 Tongren Lu, near Nanyang Lu

    同仁路299号36楼, 近南阳路

    T: 3360 7060

    Relocation services, housing services and orientation services.

  • Homey Transportation

    393 Dong Daming Lu, Near Lvshun Lu

    东大名路393号, 近旅顺路

    T: 6595 0598

  • Pure Relocation

    4/F, 83 Fumin Lu, near Julu Lu

    富民路83号4楼, 近巨鹿路

    T: 3118 7551

    Pure Relocation is a full-service relocation services provider based in China with international offices in Hong Kong. Specializations include moving services as well as visa and relocation...

  • Joanna Real Estate (Jiashan Lu)

    140 Jiashan Lu, near Yongkang Lu

    嘉善路140号, 近永康路

    T: 137 8898 1252

    Joanna Real Estate (JRE) is a luxury relocation services provider in China, specializing in corporate service, relocation, home and school finding, and visa services.

  • SAE Asia

    Rm 7E, 1 Ruijin Nan Lu, near Xujiahui Lu

    瑞金南路1号7E室, 近徐家汇路

    T: 5301 8200

    Shipping, moving, storage and relocation services from all over China to everywhere in the world, for both family and corporate clients.

  • ADC-Moving

    7/F, Aijia International Mansion, Bldg 4, 288 Wuhua Lu, near Yinxin Lu

    物华路288号爱家国际大厦4号楼7F, 近银欣路


    Offering local, domestic and international relocation/shipping via truck, sea air as well as secure storage services. Servicing all 1 Tier cities in China plus adjacent areas. Each transfer is...

  • Wanna Home

    Room 1325, 1033 Kangding Lu, near Yanping Lu

    康定路1033号1325室, 近延平路

    T: 136 8175 2627

    These people specialize in relocation services for newcomers to Shanghai. Their primary focus is finding affordable apartments for high-end newbies but they also offer tailored, ongoing services...

  • Globex Asia Inspections

    10F, City Tower, 518 Anyuan Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu

    安远路518号宝华城市晶典大厦10楼, 近胶州路

    T: 6174 0011

    Globex Asia Inspections has over ten years of experience providing efficient and smart business solutions to importers around the world. They design and implement tailored fit business solutions...

  • Hao Realty

    1/F, Bldg 12, Lane 1670 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Hunan Lu

    淮海中路1670弄12号1楼, 近湖南路

    T: 134 8285 0617

    Real estate agency with an expat focus, focusing on mid- to high-rent properties.

  • Red Dragon Property

    1/F, 289 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu

    复兴西路289号291号1楼 近华山路

    T: 6431 0757

    Red Dragon Property specializes in Rentals and Purchases of Old Apartments, Old Lane Houses, Garden Houses, Creative Warehouses, Shops and Restaurant spaces for properties in the old Xuhui area...

  • Speed Logistics

    Rm 1202, Bldg 9, 970 Dalian Lu, near Feihong Lu

    大连路970号9号楼1202室, 近飞虹路

    T: 3377 5038

  • KERON Moving & Storage

    26/F, 1958 Zhongshan Bei Lu, near Guangxin Lu

    中山北路1958号26楼, 近光新路

    T: 4008 215 527

    Moving and relocations company established in 2010, focused on addressing the moving and shipping needs of individuals and SMEs.

  • Fengchi Moving

    628 Fenglin Road, near Zhongshan Nan Er Lu

    枫林路628号, 近中山东二路

    T: 178 9884 1035

    Housemoving company, they work for both residential and commercial customers, and they provide pack & unpacking services, as well as packing materials. You can call the number to get more details....

  • Shanghai Fred Mover

    Rm 2701F, Bldg South, 300 Xuanhua Lu, near Dingxi Lu

    宣化路300号南楼2701F, 近定西路

    T: 3166 3815

  • Smart Panda China

    No. 13, Lane 100 Shunyi Lu, near Baiyu Lu

    顺义路100弄13号, 近白玉路

    T: 131 2077 0639

    All round "expat helper" service. They do a bit of everything, including helping newcomers set up the basics like bank accounts, phone numbers, Alipay, WeChat, Taobao and Didi, organizing transport...

  • ESL Relocations

    Rm 1401, 988 Dingxi Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu

    定西路988号1401室, 近延安西路

    T: 6225 5599

  • Greenroad International Logistics

    1188 Jiangpu Lu, near Zhoujiazui Lu

    江浦路1188号, 近周家嘴路

    T: 135 6422 7034

  • LifeIN Real Estate

    Unit 105, 500 South Xiangyang Lu

    T: 135 8579 5794

    LifeIN Real Estate is a fast growing real estate boutique agency, focusing on the rental of commercial and residential properties for international companies and expats in Shanghai. Their team...

  • Santa Fe Relocation Services

    17/F, Bldg B, 100 Zunyi Lu, near Ziyun Lu

    遵义路100号虹桥南丰城B栋1701-1702&1716室, 近紫云路

    T: 6233 9700

    Santa Fe Relocation is a global mobility company, with Headquarter based in London, UK. They are widely established  with many international offices around the world and are managed by their own...

  • JET Relocations

    Room 1409, Bldg B, 3737 Gonghexin Lu, near Changzhong Lu

    共和新路3737弄共和国际大厦B栋1409室, 近场中路

    T: 3636 8806

  • YouYouSpace Relocation

    1/F, 800 Guoshun Dong Lu, near Shuangyang Bei Lu

    国顺东路800号东楼1楼, 近双阳北路

    T: 400 680 1716

    This moving, relocation and self-storage service company has a mom & pop feel to it––great, personalized service. They've been around for over 10 years, have their own packers, movers and trucks,...

  • Dazhong Banchang

    3340 Yanggao Nan Lu, near Hengde Lu

    杨高南路3340号, 近恒德路

    T: 5065 0982

    The biggest local moving&relocation company with Good service and reasonable price. But they probably don't provide service in English.

  • C2C Movers

    Bldg A, 477 Zhengli Lu, near Songhu Lu

    政立路477号A号楼, 近淞沪路

    T: 186 2195 8496

  • Shifu Mover and Relocation

    384 Diantai Lu, near Gubei Lu

    电台路384号, 近顾北路

    T: 158 0170 8557

  • MiniCC Storage (Putuo)

    718 Baoqi Lu, near the Zhenchen Lu

    宝祁路718号, 近真陈路

    T: 5664 3153

    MiniCC Storage is a storage provider in Shanghai with the largest selection of unit sizes and highest units. They offer storage units from 1-100sqm at affordable prices. All units are individual,...

  • RapidWorld Relocations

    11/F, No. 34, Lane 78 Shujian Lu, near Lianhua Nan Lu

    曙建路78弄34号11楼, 近莲花南路

    T: 5443 6852

    RapidWorld Relocations is a moving company offering international moving services and relocation support throughout China and internationally.

  • WeMove Shanghai

    11/F, No. 34, Lane 78 Shujian Lu, near Lianhua Nan Lu

    舒建路78弄34号11楼, 近莲花南路

    T: 139 1793 1423

    Founded in 2006, WeMove International's a company under the RapidWorld Group, offering one-stop-shop moving and relocation services. Household goods, workplace and IT solutions (including interior...

  • Excel Moving

    22/F, Gold Source Center, 28 Yuanwen Lu, near Xiuwen Lu

    园文路28号金源中心22楼, 近秀文路

    T: 3462 8040

    Excel Moving provides international, domestic and local moving and storage services for household and office goods. They are a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM), use Unirisc...

  • FOREVER International Moving Service

    26 Qiuyue Lu, near Shengxia Lu

    秋月路26号, 近盛夏路

    T: 5082 8279

    Forever international relocation & movers specializes in the door moving and storage of household and personal effects, offering relocation solution for local, domestic and international moves....

  • Noble Elephant Moving

    Room Z3026, 3/F, Bldg 2, 7001 Zhongchun Lu, near Zhongyi Lu

    中春路7001号第2幢3楼Z3026室, 近中谊路

    T: 158 2189 6441

  • MiniCC Storage (Pudong)

    Bldg 1, 33 Jinji Lu, near Longqiao Lu

    金吉路33弄1号楼, 近陇桥路

    T: 6045 6838

    MiniCC Storage is a storage provider in Shanghai with the largest selection of unit sizes and highest units. They offer storage units from 1-100sqm at affordable prices. All units are individual,...

  • Legendmover

    Room 8001, Bldg 1, 888 Huaxu Lu, near Xuwang Lu

    华徐公路888号1号楼8001室, 近徐旺路

    T: 187 2171 7316