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After School Types (EDU Page)

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  • Sportsworld

    SportsWorld is an international sports and activities club for children aged between 3-12. They provide structured, international programs in a variety of sports including...
    Sportsworld Shanghai
    After School & Enrichment
    Martial Arts
  • MultiSport

    MultiSport is an expat-operated professional sports coaching company partnering with international schools and residences for kids from 3-12 years. MultiSport’s lessons are...
    MultiSport Shanghai
    After School & Enrichment
    Swimming Pools
  • CETA Elite Tennis Academy

    Room 719, Bldg 6, 69 Baole Lu, near Jizhai Lu


    139 1812 8067
    Tennis organization that operates from multiple courts around town, CETA Tennis also has junior programs for kids after school (ages 3-18). Private lessons are also available,...
  • Snow51 (L+Mall)

    5/F, 899 Pudong Nan Lu, near Shangcheng Lu

    浦东南路899号陆家嘴中心5楼, 近商城路

    4008 513 351
    Apart from the Alpine Ski training simulator facilities, The L+Mall location is equipped with training, retailing equipment for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing,...
    Snow51 (L+Mall) Shanghai
    Sports Equipment
    Indoor Skiing
    After School & Enrichment
  • SECA Academy

    Room 716, Blk A, Bldg 7, 99 Gongyuan Lu, near Waiqingsong Gong Lu


    6025 5620
    In 2013, SECA Academy was established, and it has been offering professional training program to both elite athletes and recreational players regardless of origin. Nowadays,...
    Social & Recreation
  • Snow51 (Ruihong Tiandi)

    Ruihong Tiandi 3/F, 188 Ruihong Lu, near Tianhong Lu

    瑞虹路188号3楼, 近天虹路

    4008 513 351
    The Ruihong Tiandi location has three Alpine Skiing Simulators, there are also fashion sports retail area, leisure zone and an exclusive fitness areas for members.
    Snow51 (Ruihong Tiandi) Shanghai
    Sports Equipment
    Indoor Skiing
    After School & Enrichment
  • Snow51 (Bund Finance Center)

    BFC Mall, South Building, 2/F, 600 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, near Fengjing Lu

    中山东二路600号212-213座, 近枫泾路

    6333 7723
    At their BFC location, there are three Alpine Skiing Simulators, as well as the retail area, indoor spinning and fitness area. In addition, there are an simulated sunlight...
    Snow51 (Bund Finance Center) Shanghai
    Sports Equipment
    Indoor Skiing
    After School & Enrichment
  • Snow51 (Qiantan)

    Suite L170SS-274S, 2/F, 212 Yaoti Lu, near Yaolong Lu

    耀体路212号2层L170SS-274S, 近耀龙路

    4008 513 351
    Crystal Plaza is located at Qiantan area, The SNOW51 Crystal Plaza covers an area of about 1500sqm, there are five large-scale Alpine Skiing Simulators, sports equipment retail...
    Snow51 (Qiantan) Shanghai
    Sports Equipment
    Indoor Skiing
    After School & Enrichment
  • J Kids Academy

    No. 351 Guoxiao Lu, near Zhengcheng Lu

    国晓璐351号, 近政澄路

    J Kids Academy Shanghai
    Early Childhood & Kindergartens