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    The Pearl

    471 Zhapu Lu,
    near Wujin Lu

    乍浦路471号, 近武进路

    136 2168 8556
    • The Pearl Shanghai
    • The Pearl Shanghai
    • The Pearl Shanghai
    This historic theater up in Hongkou was once a temple, then it was Chinatown, now it's a bubbling club/lounge/bar regularly hosting cabaret theater shows. It's a really beautiful old space with a gallery and theater boxes, with a real feeling of...
    Live Music
    Stage & Dance
  • Qipu Lu Clothing Market

    168 Qipu Lu, near Henan Bei Lu

    七浦路168号, 近河南北路

    Qipu Lu -- "cheap" street -- is a series of malls crammed, jammed, and stuffed full of cheap, cheap, cheap clothes, with some fakes for good measure. It's ground zero for young...
    Qipu Lu Clothing Market Shanghai
    Fabric Markets
    Fake Markets
  • Sinar Mas Plaza

    588 Dongchangzhi Lu, near Lvshun Lu

    东长治路588号, 近旅顺路

    From the Indonesian Sinar Mas Group, the Sinar Mas Plaza is the commercial mall portion of the North Bund development that includes the W Shanghai hotel and a 69-story office...
    Sinar Mas Plaza Shanghai
    Shopping Malls
  • Blue Note Jazz Club

    3-5/F, 867 Sichuan Bei Lu, near Haining Lu

    四川北路867号3-5楼, 近海宁路

    139 1870 6076
    Branch of the acclaimed international jazz club, opened in mid 2019 up in Hongkou. The first one in Shanghai and the tenth worldwide. It is 1,700 square meters, with the main...
    Blue Note Jazz Club Shanghai
    Live Music
  • Shanghai SISU Translation Service Co.

    573 Chifeng Lu, near Quyang Lu

    赤峰路573号, 近曲阳路

    6536 2032
    Translation services attached to the famous Shanghai International Studies University. Good option if you're looking to get official documentation translated.
  • Magic Jungle

    500 Dadongming Lu, near Lushun Lu

    东大名路500号, 近旅顺路

    400 127 1188
    High ropes course right next to the International Ferry Terminal, consisting of 94 elements varying in difficulty. A clear day will give you a spectacular view across the river...
    Magic Jungle Shanghai
    Kid's Activities
    Kid's Outdoor Activities
  • Lai Lai Dance Hall

    2/F, 235 Anguo Lu, near Zhoujiazui Lu

    安国路235号2楼, 进周家嘴路

    150 2174 7399
    In gaydom, this place is a historical landmark for China’s underground, closeted scene. Way up in Hongkou, Lai Lai is a dance hall in a shabbier part of Shanghai. It screams...
    Lai Lai Dance Hall Shanghai
  • Mr Pancake House (Meiyuan Lu)

    1/F, 277 Meiyuan Road, near Gonghe Lu

    梅园路277号1楼, 近共和路

    5299 3592
    The Mr. Pancake House chain has remained in business since around 2008 because they open early and serve cheap, mediocre American diner style breakfast and weak, bottomless...
    Mr Pancake House (Meiyuan Lu) Shanghai
    Jing'an District
  • Jewish Refugee Museum

    62 Changyang Lu, near Zhoushan Lu

    长阳路62号, 近舟山路

    6512 6669
    An expansive experience, where guests can get an in-depth look at the lives of the Jewish refugees that came to Shanghai fleeing the war in Europe. There is an exhibit that...
    Jewish Refugee Museum Shanghai
  • Barbarian (Sinar Mas Plaza)

    3/F, Sinar Mas Plaza, 588 Dong Changzhi Lu, near Lvshun Lu

    白玉兰广场3楼, 东长治路588号, 近旅顺路

    139 1898 9004
    The immense second location of this Jing'an brand of cocktail bar slash rustic eatery. Similar menu and cocktails, and the addition of a live DJ on select nights.
    Barbarian (Sinar Mas Plaza) Shanghai
  • Zan Teppanyaki

    5/F, Sunrise On The Bund, 168 Gaoyang Lu, near Dongchangzhi Lu

    高阳路168号5楼, 近东长治路

    6537 5939
    Zan Teppanyaki Shanghai
  • Bellagio Shanghai

    188 Beisuzhou Lu, near Zhapu Lu

    北苏州路188号, 近乍浦路

    3680 6666
    Opened in early 2018, it's a luxury hotel with a heavy Art Deco theme. It's also the first branch of the storied MGM hotel brand outside North America, run by a joint venture...
    Luxury Hotels
  • Wolfgang's Steakhouse

    Sinar Mas Plaza, 1/F, 588 Dongchangzhi Lu, near Xinjian Lu

    东长治路588号白玉兰广场1楼, 近新建路

    5582 9715
    Premium, high-end American beef from Wolfgang Zweiner, ex-head waiter at Peter Luger, New York City’s most iconic steakhouse. It's part of their international steakhouse chain,...
    Wolfgang's Steakhouse Shanghai
    BBQ & Steaks
  • Central Perk

    160 Harbin Lu, near Liaoning Lu

    哈尔滨路160号, 近辽宁路

    186 0119 1315
    Central Perk Shanghai
  • Modern Sky Lab (Ruihong Tiandi)

    3/F, Ruihong Tiandi, 188 Ruihong Lu, near Tianhong Lu

    瑞虹路188号3楼, 近天虹路

    6580 7180
    State of the art, mid-size livehouse run by one of China's biggest indie labels, Modern Sky (the same folks who bring you Strawberry Festival every year). Equipped with...
    Live Music