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Kids Cloth & Toys

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    StarToys (Meilan Lake)

    Room205-208, Building No.17, No.2255, Yueluo highway, Baoshan district, Shanghai, China


    Startoys is an Anime figurine toy store for kids and adults. The product categories encompass a wide range, such as figurines, assembly models, action figures, prizes, valley seeds, TAMAKO, anime peripherals, trading cards, and a diverse array of...
    Kids Cloth & Toys

    2/F, Tower 2, 33 Fucheng Lu, near Lujiazui Huan Lu

    富城路33号, 上海浦东香格里拉紫金楼2层 近陆家嘴环路

    6882 8888 ext 6888
    Yi Cafe is the Pudong Shangri-La's all-day dining restaurant. It's got 11 "culinary theatre stations" which feature Chinese, Western, South-East Asian, Japanese and European...
    YICAFE Shanghai
    Kids Cloth & Toys
  • Disney Store (Pudong)

    180 Fenghe Lu, near Lujiazui Xi Lu

    丰和路180号, 近陆家嘴西路

    6333 3660
    Located on Fenghe Lu in Pudong, this is said to be the largest Disney Store worldwide. In the shops are all type of merchandise from Disney, including themed toys, stationeries,...
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  • Daiso

    4/F, 755 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Ruijin Lu

    淮海中路755号4楼, 近瑞金路

    Japanese variety-store chain famous for selling housewares, toys, stationery, decorations, bento supplies & gifts for 10rmb.
    Department Stores
    Home Goods & Decor
  • LUC Education Group

    5 locations in Shanghai:

    86 177 0215 8659
    Preschool and daycare founded in 2012, open to children aged 2-6. The student to teacher ratio never exceeds 6:1. They use some Montessori classroom principles, and encourage...
    Day Care
    Kids Cloth & Toys
    Early Childhood & Kindergartens
  • Storyland (Hengshan Center)

    3F, 691-1 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Hengshan Lu

    徐汇区建国西路691-1号3层, 近衡山路

    Founded in 2014, Storyland is a storytelling center in Shanghai, China. At Storyland, they aim to help children become independent and critical readers able to enjoy and analyze...
    Storyland (Hengshan Center) Shanghai
    Kids Cloth & Toys
    After School & Enrichment
  • Lego Flagship Store (Shimao Festival City)

    Shimao Festival City, 1/F, 829 Nanjing Dong Lu, near Xizang Zhong Lu

    南京东路829号1楼, 近西藏中路

    5386 0217
  • The Tintin Shop

    805 Chang'an Lu, near Puji Lu

    长安路805号, 近普济路

    5290 6102
    The first official Tintin shop in China, hidden on the quiet part of Chang'an Lu. The small merchandise shop covers a range of toys, models, figures, t-shirts, stationary,...
    The Tintin Shop Shanghai
    Jing'an District
  • Mahota Farm

    Chongming Town, Beiqiyao Modern Agriculture Park


    3966 6039
    A self sustainable farm covering 43 acres with a piggery (a couple thousand pigs), and farm tours where you can pick your own vegetables. Day trip visits to the farm are 280rmb...
    Cooking Schools
    Vegetarian & Vegan
  • Lilliput Kids Cafe (LCM)

    3/F, 2389 Zhangyang Lu, near Songshan Lu

    张杨路2389号3楼, 近嵩山路

    6881 6199
    Lilliput Kid Cafe is a popular local chain. Colorful and friendly, their stores have lots of stuff in its play area, like pretend kitchen, ball pit, sand pit, dress-ups, plus a...
    Kids & Family
    Kids Activities
  • Kerry Sports

    Kerry Hotel Pudong, 4/F, 1388 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu

    花木路1388号上海浦东嘉里大酒店4楼, 近芳甸路

    6169 8858
    The spacious gymnasium is filled with advanced equipment, the gym also provides a variety of classes and private training services led by highly-accredited instructors, from fun...
    Play Center
    Yoga & Pilates
  • Storyland (Changning Center)

    T11-2F, IM Shanghai No. 1398 Kaixuan Lu, near Kaituan Lu

    长宁国际T12楼 凯旋路1398号 近凯田路

    Founded in 2014, Storyland is a storytelling center in Shanghai, China. At Storyland, they aim to help children become independent and critical readers able to enjoy and analyze...
    Storyland (Changning Center) Shanghai
    After School & Enrichment
    Kids Cloth & Toys
  • Liliput

    2/F, 1699 Gubei Lu, near Wuzhong Lu

    古北路1699号2楼, 近吴中路

    6076 3837
    Originally from Korea, this kids activity centre is also a cafe for kids and parents, also caters for birthday parties.
    Kids & Family
    Play Center
  • Blackbelt Fit

    B1/F, The Summit, 99 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, near Anfu Lu

    汇贤居B1层, 乌鲁木齐中路99弄, 近安福路

    150 2644 0674
    Conveniently located in central Xuhui, Blackbelt Fit is a gym dedicated to taekwondo and hapkido, two styles of traditional Korean martial practiced worldwide. Participant ages...
    Blackbelt Fit Shanghai
    Martial Arts
    Indoor Activities
    Kids Activities
  • Indigo Living (Anfu Lu)

    187 Anfu Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu

    安福路187号, 近乌鲁木齐路

    6475 5228
    Furniture store selling designer furniture and decorations, including a section with Children's furniture.
    Furniture Shops
    Home Goods & Decor