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  • Ruby's Party

    • Address
      1/F Zhidi Building, 201 Chengjiaqiao Zhi Lu, near Hongzhong Lu
      程家桥支路201号智地大厦1楼, 近虹中路
    • Phone
      6401 6323

    Having moved from her original location in 2016, this holiday goods store used to be located on the fourth floor of the building but moved downstairs in 2018 to a big old 250sqm space. It's still Ruby... Read more

  • JaJaJa Party Shop

    • Address
      158 Biyun Lu, near Baihua Lu
      碧云路158号, 近白桦路
    • Phone
      6886 7279

    Party shop in Jinqiao that sells costumes, mostly for kids, but also for adults. Most of the good ones seem to hover in the 200-400rmb range. Also, very importantly, they're one of a handful of offline shops in Shanghai where you can buy piñatas, which go for 90rmb... Read more

  • Nantai Costume Company

    • Address
      656 Guangdong Lu, near Guangxi Lu
      广东路656号, 近广西路
    • Phone
      130 0213 4532

    An actual theatrical supplies store for Peking opera troupes. They make the outfits themselves. Full-on outfits are available here, from those fancy headdresses, starting at 800rmb, big old thunder god beards for 150rmb, to the tunics and dresses for 180rmb and up.... Read more

  • Holiday House (Anting)

    • Address
      No. 101, Gate 4, Lane 355 Beiande Lu, near Anyong Lu
      北安德路355弄4号门101号, 近安勇路
    • Phone
      6447 7189

    After 20 years near Xujiahui, holiday supplies... supplier Holiday House has moved to a full-on two-story house out in Anting. They store everything from party supplies, costumes and holiday-themed home decor. The props, accessories and installations here are a bit... Read more