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  • Party King

    B1/F, 221 Renmin Dadao, near Wusheng Lu

    人民大道221号B1楼, 近武胜路

    T: 3177 5136

    An underground sports center with bowling, archery, pool, darts and axe throwing.

  • Daoshun Archery (Fuxing Dong Lu)

    3/F, 699 Fuxing Dong Lu, near Henan Nan Lu

    复兴东路699号3楼, 近河南南路

    T: 6473 6819

    Decent archery joint from a city-wide chain, this third-floor Daoshun is a little grimy, but it attracts a dedicated contingent of modern archery enthusiasts. Very occasionally you'll find someone...

  • SHC Archery (Jing'an)

    101 Xikang Lu, near Nanyang Lu

    西康路101号, 近南阳路

    T: 6111 2107

    Archery and boxing center in the heart of Jing’an. This is space-age shooting, though, like the training center in The Hunger Games: fibreglass bows, LED-lit lanes and Nordic furniture. Staff give...

  • Daoshun Archery (Zhangyang Lu)

    6/F, 628 Zhangyang Lu, near Nanquan Bei Lu

    张杨路628号6楼, 近南泉北路

    T: 5835 0307

  • East Shanghai Shooting and Archery Club

    663 Hongqiao Lu, near Panyu Lu

    虹桥路663号, 近番禺路

    T: 6280 0677 / 6280 0408

    Think about a frat house, minus the bros, and add in a semi-professional range for guns, archery and air rifles. Terrifying thought, but that should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect at...