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  • JW Marriott Tomorrow Square

    399 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huangpi Bei Lu

    上海明天广场万豪酒店 南京西路399号, 近黄陂北路

    T: 5359 4969

    The JW Marriott Shanghai has laid its mark on Shanghai in spectacular fashion. Located within one of the city's signature building (Tomorrow's Square), and within walking distance of People's...

  • Yuan Spa Hyatt on the Bund

    Hyatt on the Bund, B1/F, 199 Huangpu Lu, near Qingpu Lu

    黄浦路199号B1楼, 近青浦路

    T: 6393 1234

    Yuan Spa covers over 3,000 sqm of recreational and wellness space including 12 spa treatment rooms, a 24hour fitness centre, swimming pool, whirlpool, steam and sauna rooms, a beauty salon and a...

  • Jing'an Sports Center

    151 Kangding Lu, near Jiangning Lu

    康定路151号, 近江宁路

    T: 6272 7277

    This is a large, modern complex with various fitness facilities, including an indoor swimming pool which often hosts professional competitions. Built in the last five years, the center is part of a...

  • Grand Plaza Club House

    568 Julu Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu

    四方新城俱乐部 巨鹿路568弄, 近陕西南路

    T: 6289 4835

    This is the pool in the Julu Lu compound where you find Maya Mexican restaurant. The location is excellent, and they let in non-resident shitbirds like us, too. And they're open year-round. Okay,...

  • Noahs Health & Fitness Members Club

    Pudong Oriental Riverside Hotel Shanghai, 9/F, 2727 Binjiang Da Dao, near Oriental Pearl

    滨江大道2727号9楼, 近东方明珠

    T: 139 1772 9742

    This is a high-end sports club and spa located inside the Pudong Oriental Riverside hotel. It features an indoor pool and massage rooms, plus a full gym and fitness center. Membership fees include...

  • BFC Fitness

    5/F, BFC Annex Building Block S1, 600 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, near Renmin Lu

    中山东二路600号BFC外滩金融中心S1栋裙楼5楼, 近人民路

    T: 6333 8843

    Bund Financial Center's Fitness club on the Bund, which includes a 25m long swimming pool, a sauna/steam room, a jacuzzi, an infinity pool with a 180 degree review view, and 32,000 square feet of...

  • The Portman Ritz-Carlton

    Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu

    南京西路1376号上海商城, 近西康路

    T: 6279 8888

    The Portman-Ritz Carlton complex is an expat haven on Nanjing Lu. This five-star hotel is optimal for business conferences, with dozens of meeting rooms, multiple bars, lounges, restaurants and a...

  • JOG Swimwear Showroom

    3/F, 694 Huai'an Road, near Xi Suzhou Lu

    淮安路694号301室 近西苏州路

    T: 6210 9635

    JOG offers swimwear for women, available at their showroom. Calling ahead for appointment is recommended.

  • Will's Gym (Oriental Int'l Financial)

    7-8/F, 111 Baidu Lu, near Zhongshan Nan Lu

    白渡路111号7-8楼, 近中山南路

    T: 6332 6006

    Will’s is a fitness powerhouse, with over 115 branches across the country. Will’s Gym is the (much) cheaper alternative to Will’s VIP, offering smaller facilities but more locations.

  • The Spa At Mandarin Oriental

    Mandarin Oriental Pudong, 111 Pudong Nan Lu, near Yincheng Lu

    浦东南路111号, 近银城路

    T: 2082 9868

    Beautiful, high-end spa in the Mandarin Oriental. Probably one of the most high-tech spas in town, with technology to show you what your face will look like in five years time (eeeek) plus...

  • Jing'an Garden

    1131 Wuding Lu, near Yanping Lu

    武定路1131号, 近延平路

    T: 6246 0629


  • Ambassy Court

    1500 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu

    淮海中路1500号, 近乌鲁木齐路


    Ambassy Court is known for being a high-end establishment with a popular sports club and swimming pools in the summer. It’s a stone's throw away from the American Consulate, Shanghai Library and...

  • Ambassy Club

    1500 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu

    淮海中路1500号, 近乌鲁木齐路

    T: 6437 9800

    They say it's "only for members", but you're allowed to show up and "try it" for 150rmb during the week. That's meant to be a one-time deal, but who's going to know? On weekends it's members only....

  • Will's Gym (Luban Lu)

    4/F, 166 Luban Lu, near Liyuan Lu

    鲁班路166号4楼, 近丽园路

    T: 6305 5666

    Will’s is a fitness powerhouse, with over 115 branches across the country. Will’s Gym is the (much) cheaper alternative to Will’s VIP, offering smaller facilities but more locations.

  • Shimao Riviera Garden Pool

    Lane 1 & 2 Weifang Lu, near Pucheng Lu

    潍坊路1弄/2弄, 近浦城路

    T: 6888 8108

    Huge pool in Lujiazui with a sandy beach landscaped with rocks and trees and all kinds of pleasant stuff. It has long been a go-to place at weekends. 200rmb gets you in the door all day. Not open...

  • Xuhui Youth Aquatic Sports Gymnasium

    329 Fenglin Lu, near Lingling Lu

    枫林路329号, 近零陵路

    T: 6416 4838

    Sometimes called the "Xuhui Swimming Center", this swimming pool is open to the public at 33rmb per session. They also host swimming lessons for small kids during school holidays. There are also 4...

  • Shanghai International Tennis Center

    516 Hengshan Lu, near Wuxing Lu

    衡山路516号, 近吴兴路

    T: 6415 5588

    Shanghai International Tennis Center is located at Regal International East Asia Hotel. Types of sports include squash, badminton,tennis and swimming.

  • Purple Mountain

    778 Dongfang Lu, near Zhangyang Lu

    东方路778号, 近张杨路

    T: 6886 8888

    Situated in the heart of the Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone, the 5* Purple Mountain Hotel, is ideally located for people looking to be in the midst of the 'New China'. Only 10mins from the Shanghai...

  • SportForLife

    Bldg 2, 3/F 5 Panyu Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu

    番禺路5号2号楼3楼, 近延安西路

    T: 6282 1762

    Sport For Life have been delivering sports coaching since 2004. They work within premier residential areas and international schools and offer free introductory classes for all new members.

  • Sport for Life (Panyu Lu)

    Rm 303, Bldg 2, 5 Panyu Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu

    番禺路5号2号楼303室, 近延安西路

    T: 6282 1762

  • Alexander Health Club (Tianyaoqiao Lu)

    318 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Lingling Lu

    天钥桥路318号, 近零陵路

    T: 6428 8999

    Alexander Health Club offers up personal training, physiotherapy, and group classes. Some group classes on offer include: Body Combat, Step, and Dance.

  • Shanghai East Asia Sport Center

    666 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Lingling Lu

    天钥桥路666号, 近零陵路

    T: 6426 6666

    Shanghai East Asia Sport Center is located at Shanghai Indoor Stadium. Types of sports include tennis, badminton, swimming, scuba diving, soccer, taekwondo, rock climbing and billiards.

  • Will's Gym (Zhongshan Park)

    88 Huichuan Lu, near Changning Lu

    汇川路88号, 近长宁路

    T: 5273 9533

    Will’s is a fitness powerhouse, with over 115 branches across the country. Will’s Gym is the (much) cheaper alternative to Will’s VIP, offering smaller facilities but more locations.

  • Oriental Manhattan

    128 Hongqiao Lu, near Wending Lu

    虹桥路128号, 近文定路

    T: 6466 0189

    Situated in Xujiahui, Oriental Manhattan even stands out among these high-end neighbourhoods. Offering both flats and houses, the compound is maintained and managed to a high standard. There is a...

  • Mind Over Body Fitness (Xinhua Lu)

    3-4F, 519 Xinhua Lu, near Dingxi Lu

    新华路519号新华御庭3/4楼, 近定西路

    T: 5258 1566

  • Tera Wellness (Zhongshan Park)

    12/F, 1116 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Kaixuan Lu

    延安西路1116号12楼, 近凯旋路

    T: 5238 2222

  • Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel

    800 Lingling Lu, near Zhongshan Nan Er Lu

    零陵路800号, 近中山南二路

    T: 6057 6888

    Hotel located in the Shanghai Stadium.

  • Will's Gym (Changning)

    999 Loushanguan Lu, near Changning Lu

    娄山关路999号, 近长宁路

    T: 5273 0863

    Will’s is a fitness powerhouse, with over 115 branches across the country. Will’s Gym is the (much) cheaper alternative to Will’s VIP, offering smaller facilities but more locations.

  • China Sports United (CSU)

    1988 Gubei Lu, near Whuzong Lu

    古北路1988号, 近吴中路

    T: 6199 4816

  • Ping Leisure Club & Spa

    Shanghai Guoman Hotel, Block 1, 3/F, 388 Daduhe Lu, near Yunling Lu

    大渡河路388号1栋3楼, 近云岭路

    T: 6095 8888

  • Alexander Health Club (Gubei)

    228 Manao Lu, near Hongbaoshi Lu

    瑙路路228号, 近红宝石路

    T: 6151 2788

    Alexander Health Club offers up personal training, physiotherapy, and group classes. Classes on offer include: Body Combat, Step, and Dance.

  • Jiangwan Stadium

    346 Guohe Lu, near Zhengtong Lu

    国和路346号, 近政通路

    T: 5522 4216

  • Oasis Riviera Pool

    883 Shuicheng Lu, near Tianshan Lu

    水城路883弄, 近天山路

    T: 3203 5811

    This pool’s got nice space for lounging and a small slide for the kids. It used to cost 70rmb a person for the day, and children under 1 meter would get in for free, but they've recently been put...

  • Shoushan Wealth Club

    No. 96, Lane 1883 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu

    花木路1883弄96号, 近芳甸路

    T: 5868 1888

    A popular venue for weddings and parties, Shoushan Wealth Club has a pool and a patio attached to a Chinese restaurant. There's also a full-size gym within the complex.

  • Mandarin City Pool

    Mandarin City Rear of Club House, 1129 Guyang Lu, near Shuicheng Nan Lu

    名都城 古羊路1129号, 近水城南路

    T: 6446 9195

    Long-time favorite out in Hongqiao right here. On the weekends it's usually packed with a rowdy, often boozed up laowai crowd drinking beers and listening to EDM on cheap speakers. During the week,...

  • Kerry Sports

    Kerry Hotel Pudong, 4/F, 1388 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu

    花木路1388号上海浦东嘉里大酒店4楼, 近芳甸路

    T: 6169 8858

    The spacious gymnasium is filled with advanced equipment, the gym also provides a variety of classes and private training services led by highly-accredited instructors, from fun and energetic...

  • Dakang Indoor Water Resort

    555 Gongkang Lu, near Changlin Lu

    共康路555号, 近长临路

    T: 5640 6962

  • Active Kidz Shanghai (Puxi)

    Room 601, Taihao Building, 3211 Hongmei Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu

    虹梅路3211号, 近延安西路

    T: 6406 6757

    Active Kidz Shanghai (AKS) was established to provide health development programs for children, whilst also improving their physical and mental health. Using sport as the main vehicle for these...

  • Vizcaya Club

    1988 Yunshan Lu, near Mingyue Lu

    云山路1988号, 近明月路

    T: 5030 4519

  • Star Gym (Keyuan Lu)

    88 Keyuan Lu, near Lishizhen Lu

    科苑路88号, 近李时珍路

    T: 2898 6051

    Relaxed gym with mix of local and foreign patrons. Weight room and cardio equipment available to members including use of yoga rooms and the spinning room. The best thing about this location is it...

  • New Star (Minhang)

    Lane 258, Jinhui Nan Lu near Hongquan Lu

    金汇南路258弄, 近虹泉路

    T: 3432 0777

    This is one of the nicest-for-the-money bathhouses in Shanghai. Korean style, you get to strip and splash around in hot rooms and cold pools (sex segregated) and then move upstairs where there are...

  • Ambassy Club Pudong

    588 Hongfeng Lu, near Mingyue Lu

    红枫路588号, 近明月路

    T: 5198 3688

    The Puxi location's second branch of a member's only club and gym. Includes an indoor and outdoor pool, plus a well equipped gym. There are multiple studios for fitness classes like aerobics,...

  • Oriental Springs

    No.1, Lane 2088 Wuzhong Lu, near Hangzhong Lu

    吴中路2088弄1号, 近航中路

    T: 6077 8208

    Oriental Spring trucks hot spring water from Jiangsu, Nantong to Shanghai. The hot spring water has been tested and confirmed by a water analysis laboratory in Budapest and recognized by China Hot...

  • Dino Beach

    78 Xinzhen Lu, near Gudai Lu

    新镇路78号, 近顾戴路

    T: 6478 3333

    At one time this was Shanghai's only water park, but Dino Beach still retains the distinction of being one of city's top summer destinations. The park boasts a huge wave pool (apparently Asia's...

  • Holiday Inn (Kangqiao)

    1088 Xiuyan Lu, near Henghe Zhong Lu

    秀沿路1088号, 近恒和中路

    T: 3829 1888

    This one's available only to gym members, and it ain't cheap. But it's got an outdoor section that hangs over the side of the building. That bit also has a glass bottom so you can swim and look...

  • Baoshan Sports Center

    700 Yongqing Lu, near Haijiang Lu

    永清路700号, 近海江路

    T: 3116 4596

  • Shanghai Racquet Club

    Lane 555 Jinfeng Lu, near Baole Lu

    金丰路555弄, 近保乐路

    T: 135 6494 8427

  • Playa Maya

    888 Linhu Lu, near Linyin Da Dao

    镇林湖路888号, 近林荫大道

    T: 3355 2222

    One of two big water parks in Shanghai, located right next to Happy Valley. The park design is world class, with a dozen full-sized water slides, kids areas, cute stone sculptures of dragons and...

  • Bihaijinsha Beach

    6 Haihan Lu, near Haizhuo Lu

    海涵路6号, 近海卓路

    T: 5712 7272

  • Jinshan City Sand Beach

    7555 Huhang Gonglu, near Mengshan Lu



    Shanghai has a beach! And it's way out in Jinshan on "line 22" which actually isn't a line at all, it's a bullet train. You can use your metro card though, and you don't need your passport. Tickets...