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  • Oriental Pearl TV Tower

    • Address
      1 Century Avenue, near Lujiazui Huan Lu
      世纪大道1号, 近陆家嘴环路
    • Phone
      5879 1888

    Though now overshadowed by the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center, this symbol of Shanghai's renaissance still dazzles tourists day and night. Visitors can check out the Shanghai History Museum in the basement or join the (more than likely) massive... Read more

  • Sega Joypolis

    • Address
      3300 Zhongshan Bei Lu, near Jinshajiang Lu
      中山北路3300号月星环球港, 近金沙江路
    • Phone
      6256 9108

    Joypolis is a big, indoor Sega arcade and amusement park. It’s spread out over two entire floors of this mall in Changning, and features a whole bunch of Sega’s most cutting edge arcade technology, which, these days, is state-of-the-art virtual rides, driving... Read more

  • Feng Yun Zai Qi Game Center

    • Address
      B1/F, 221 Renmin Da Dao, near Wusheng Lu
      人民大道221号迪美购物中心B1楼, 近武胜路
    • Phone
      3310 3259

    Finding this arcade involves getting lost in a 1930's-themed underground mall filled with anachronisms. Games on games on games. The dancing games are typically occupied by some next level aficionados and there're tons of racing games. Shooting games are definitely a... Read more

  • Lie Huo Game Center

    • Address
      4/F, 77 Jiangning Lu, near Fengxian Lu
      江宁路77号4楼, 近奉贤路
    • Phone
      6217 7018

    For gamers, this is the top arcade in Shanghai and maybe even the country. This place feels mystic, like a 3D simulation, or a dream sequence in an anime. It's not just the hundreds of arcade machines, many from the 90's and early 2000's. When you step off the fourth... Read more

  • MacHouse

    • Address
      Joy City, 5/F, 166 Xizang Bei Lu, near Qufu Lu
    • Phone
      6630 0092

    A virtual reality arcade on the 5th floor of Joy City. MacHouse has a passable VR experience although for the price it is trumped by some of the other options near Wujiaochang (big VR area in Yangpu). It costs 388rmb for two people to play 4 games, which will take... Read more

  • RU Kidding (Wuning Nan Lu)

    • Address
      B1/F, 410-416 Wuning Nan Lu, near Yuyao Lu
    • Phone
      6234 0060

    Popular, popular place, so make sure you reserve spots well in advance (particularly for the weekends). It's at a happy medium when it comes to production quality, not the best, but certainly not the worst. It’s a little under the average price for its quality... Read more

  • Mofamen VR

    • Address
      4/F, 2600 Xietu Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu
    • Phone
      6417 0720

    Quite excellent VR facility in Xujiahui. Good location with HTC Vive Pro equipment and helpful English-speaking staff. Prices aren't too bad either - 119rmb for an hour perusing their wide range of games. This location has 4 rooms with two headsets in each, while... Read more

  • VR+ Amusement Park

    • Address
      B1/F, 333 Songhu Lu, near Daxue Lu
    • Phone
      130 4168 8782

    Reasonably priced VR arcade in the basement of the mall at the end of Daxue Lu up near Wujiaochang. Big area for VR and this one is a respectable option. The gaming arena is elaborately decorated in a prison theme which is great for when you are playing Dead Prison... Read more

  • Juwanton

    • Address
      4/F, 322 Xujiahui Lu, near Madang Lu
      徐家汇路322号4楼, 近马当路
    • Phone
      6384 4823

    Neighborhood arcade with some personality, though also some dinginess and broken games. Read more

  • Digital Domain Space

    • Address
      10/F, 501 Zhangyang Lu, near Pudong Nan Lu
    • Phone
      150 2183 7479

    VR arcade and cinema with all sorts of interactive games and movies available. Read more

  • Dream Dog VR

    • Address
      5/F, 180 Yunnan Nan Lu, near Huaihai Dong Lu
    • Phone
      133 2191 3135

    Dream Dog is a chain of VR facilities with 3 locations around town. This one near People's Square is pretty small - only space for two people to play together at one time. Their equipment is HTC Vive, an hour here will cost just under 100rmb. Location and a slightly... Read more

  • Chuangyi Zhigu VR

    • Address
      200 Sichuan Zhong Lu, near Fuzhou Lu
    • Phone
      136 0196 8904

    VR facility near The Bund. Prices are 98rmb on a work day and 128 on a weekend or holiday. Read more

  • Star Trek VR

    • Address
      Wisdom Bay, 1/F, Bldg 1, 6 Wenchaun Lu, near Lianyi Lu
    • Phone
      6618 3599

    Read more

  • RU Kidding (Mengzi Lu)

    • Address
      497 Mengzi Lu, near Neihuan Gaojia Lu
      蒙自路497号, 近内环高架路
    • Phone
      6335 7758

    RU Kidding is a must for escape room enthusiasts in Shanghai. It’s a popular place, so make sure you reserve spots well in advance (particularly for the weekends). It’s quite pricey: 1050 RMB for a standard room, regardless of the number of participants, with special... Read more

  • Joy's VR

    • Address
      4/F, 300 Zhengmin Lu, near Guoding Lu
    • Phone
      186 2192 4284

    A state-of-the-art virtual reality facility near Wujiaochang. Joy's VR stands out in an area heavy in competition due to them having PlayStation, HTC Vive Pro and Oculus VR equipment all on site. This, combined with around 50 different games make it a contender for... Read more

  • Dream Dog VR (Pudong)

    • Address
      6/F, 2779 Shangnan Lu, near Dezhou Lu
    • Phone
      136 1181 6303

    Dream Dog is a chain of VR facilities with 3 locations around town. They are all pretty small - only space for two or three people to play together at one time. Their equipment is HTC Vive, an hour here will cost just under 100rmb. Other locations are in Xuhui and... Read more