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  • Shanghai Grace Church

    375 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu

    陕西北路375号, 近北京西路

    6253 9394
    Shanghai Grace Church is a Protestant church holding services in both English and Chinese. This red brick church and bell tower is part of a structure originally built by...
    Shanghai Grace Church Shanghai
    Places of Worship
    Jing'an District
  • Longhua Temple

    2853 Longhua Lu, near Longhua Park

    龙华路2853, 近龙华烈士陵园

    6456 6085
    The temple itself consists of four main halls housing numerous statues of Buddha and his disciples. Principle features include an ancient iron bell (rung 108 times on the New...
    Longhua Temple Shanghai
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  • Mu'en Church (Moore Memorial Church)

    316 Xizang Zhong Lu, near Hankou Lu

    西藏中路316号, 进汉口路

    6322 5069
    The Moore Memorial Church, also known as Mu'en Church, is located on Xizang Zhong Lu, in the middle of department stores right across from People's Square. Built by the only...
    Mu'en Church (Moore Memorial Church) Shanghai
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  • St. Joseph's Church

    36 Sichuan Nan Lu, near Jinling Dong Lu

    四川南路36号, 近金陵东路

    6328 0293
    Founded in 1860 by Father Louis Helot, St Joseph's serves a mostly English-speaking Roman Catholic parish. The red brick church was built in romanesque style with gothic elements.
    St. Joseph's Church Shanghai
    Places of Worship
  • St Ignatius Cathedral

    158 Puxi Lu, near Nandan Lu

    蒲西路158号, 近南丹路

    6441 2211
    More commonly known as the Xujiahui Cathedral, St. Ignatius was designed by English architect William Doyle and built by the French Jesuits between 1905 and 1910. Recently...
    St Ignatius Cathedral Shanghai
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  • Sheshan Marian Basilica

    Near Sheshan Observatory

    外青松公路西佘山公园内, 近西佘山顶

    5765 1521
    Strong contender for Shanghai's most imposing cathedral, the Catholic Sheshan Marian Basilica was built in the 1930s to replace a smaller, shabbier cathedral that had been...
    Sheshan Marian Basilica Shanghai
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  • Xiahai Temple

    73 Kunming Lu, near Haimen Lu

    昆明路, 近海门路

    Xiahai Temple was once where the surrounding fishermen and sailors visit to pray for safety and luck, as name in Chinese 下海 literally means “Go Down to the Sea”. It was...
    Xiahai Temple Shanghai
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  • City God Temple

    249 Fangbang Zhong Lu, near Jiujiaochang Lu

    方浜中路249号, 近旧校场路

    Called 城隍庙 (cheng huang miao) in Chinese, the temple is a popular tourist attraction packed in with the busy shops that surround Yu Garden.
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  • Jade Buddha Temple

    170 Anyuan Lu, near Jiangning Lu

    安远路170号, 近江宁西路

    6266 3668
    The Jade Buddha Temple is still a working Buddhist monastery. It's home to two white jade Buddhas, carved from a single slab of Burmese jade. One is a sitting Buddha, bejeweled...
    Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai
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  • Confucius Temple

    215 Wenmiao Lu near Zhonghua Lu

    文庙路215号, 近中华路

    6407 3593
    Combining temple and school, this site offers an area for quiet reflection among Shanghai's busy streets. The temple dates back to 1855 but has been restored multiple times. The...
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  • All Saints Church

    425 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Danshui Lu

    复兴中路425号, 近淡水路

    6385 0906
    The Protestant All Saints Church on Fuxing Zhong Lu was originally built by the American Episcopal Church in 1925. It is a Christian church in a typical 17th-century style with...
    All Saints Church Shanghai
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  • Ohel Rachel Synagogue

    500 Shaanxi Bei Lu, Jing An near Beijing Xi Lu

    陕西北路500号 近北京西路

    Built in the 1920's this Synagogue is considered to be one of the most recognized monuments of Shanghai's Jewish heritage. Commissioned by Jacob Sassoon in memory of this wife,...
    Places of Worship
  • Sacred Heart Church

    151 Hongfeng Lu, near Biyun Lu

    红枫路151号, 近碧云路

    138 1750 3946
    The International Community of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church was first built in 1744, but was forced to move to several locations before finding home in its current home in...
    Sacred Heart Church Shanghai
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  • Small Peach Garden Mosque

    52 Xiaotaoyuan Jie near Fuxing Dong Lu Henan Nan

    小桃园街52号 近复兴东路和河南路

    6377 5442
    The largest mosque in Shanghai, Small Peach Garden Mosque was rebuilt in 1925 to hold over 500 people in prayer. It is a listed heritage architecture building, designed with a...
    Places of Worship
  • Young John Allen Memorial Church (Jingling Tang)

    135 Kunshan Lu, near Zhapu Lu

    昆山路135号, 近乍浦路

    6324 3021
    The Young John Allen Memorial Church was built in 1923 and named after the American Methodist missionary who founded the Anglo-Chinese College in the 1880s, located across the...
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