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My Weekender is a weekly column written by changing authors selected from the Shanghai community. According to the various tastes, interests and backgrounds of its authors, My Weekender serves as a window into what residents in the city are doing with their time off.

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[My Weekender] Grant-Oh! Buchwald

Dec 5, 2008

Besides owning the most notorious beard in town, Grant-Oh! Buchwald does professional photography and party photos for He's got his first photography exhibition in Shanghai at Contesta Rock Hair starting December 10.

My Weekend... hmmmm... actually, I haven't had a weekend out in Shanghai for almost a month, which must be a record for me. After being busy shooting the Tennis Masters tournament, I headed off to Tokyo to see some friends and visit many of my old haunts. Japan is still a wondrous land, but I certainly have no regrets about leaving after 16 years to try something new in Shanghai. After a week in Tokyo, I can definitely say that Shanghai is the place to be. Not only is there more happening here but it is also much more interesting -- more European and a little less American, if you know what I mean.

So, anyway, this weekend should be a good. Tonight, I will start out with a specialty (read: alcoholic) coffee on my street corner with some creative friends, before heading off to shoot the Christmas festivities at Xintiandi. To warm up during the shoot, I will stop by the Pauliner beverage hut for a cup of hot and tasty Gluwein. After the shoot is done, I will probably stop in at Va Bene for some amazing Italian food prepared by Davide. After finishing dinner off with their wicked chocolate mousse I will head back to my neighborhood for one (or two) of Lee's espresso martinis at Tara 57. After that perks me up I'll head to Cotton Club for some Big Mama action and a few dirty martinis, before finally heading out to the clubs. Quite the pre-drinking spree.

Usually, I would have stopped in at Jean George's Bar for a Fezz made by my dear friend Markus, but now that he has moved to Saigon, I will most likely hit the circuit of Lounge18 (I hope DJ Paul is back in Town), Bar Rouge, then head towards home with stops at MAO and possibly Dragon Club.

After a late wake up call Saturday, I usually head to the closest Ajisen Ramen for some spicy noodles to get me going. Saturday night I will start with some spicy food at the Di Shui Dong on Dongping Lu (way better than the one on Maoming Lu). After that, I'll either try out the new tequila bar on Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu, or go for the best gin and tonics in town at Bar Constellation (order the Hendrick's Gin). With a slight buzz on, I will either head to rock it with the house band at Malone's or go see Danny Woody and the swing band at JZ Club. From there it is either off to Velvet Lounge to see Mary Ann and the girls or just head straight to JJ2 to see DJ Sasha spinning the tunes. Sasha is a blast from the past glory days of clubbing in Tokyo.

Speaking of which, on the last Saturday of every month you find me at my favorite monthly event: MagicGarden at G+ for some awesome psy-trance. Trust me, this is the best monthly party in town!!!! After JJ2, if the energy level is still there, I think I may try and visit DJ Coco Ariaz at the new Gossip Afterhours in Petals, or just head to MAO.

Sunday is chill time. After making a big breakfast along with a couple Caesars (only Canadians will understand this drink), it's time to hit the streets riding around town on my mountain bike trying to sweat out the impurities I ingested all weekend long. This Sunday I plan to stop at Taikang Lu to see what is new this week (that place never stops growing) before going to visit my friend Mr. Wang on the 4th floor of the Luban Lu camera store, drinking some tea and talking about photography with whoever wanders in. Also, I need to go to Luban Lu to print the final set of photos to be featured in my first ever solo photo exhibition. It will be held at Contesta Rock Hair (above the Costa Coffee on Zhenning Lu, near Huashan Lu) starting this Wednesday night for the next couple of months. So, if your in the neighborhood please stop in to check out my very groovy installation (if you've ever been caught in my camera shutters you will probably be included in the installation) and talk to Emanuel for a new hairstyle.

After checking my prints it is time to ride home, fire up the BBQ, and start editing the blur of photos I shot over the weekend to decide if anything is worthy for SmartShanghai.