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List Your Store on Marketplace

SmartShanghai's Marketplace is an online directory of English language online stores. For a fee starting from only 400rmb per month, you can list your own store on Marketplace and start driving more traffic to your business. SmartShanghai is the most trafficked English language online city guide and we perfectly reach your potential future customers.

Why you should list your store

  • Highly cost efficient way of reaching out to new potential customers
  • Drive traffic directly to your store
  • Build brand awareness and get better known in Shanghai
  • Start building your own loyal customer base


  • Who can list on Marketplace?

    Marketplace is a directory of English language online stores that serve customers in Shanghai. The store language has to be English (including the user interface, so no Weidian or Youzan stores) and offer WeChat or Alipay as payment options.

  • I want to sell a product in China, but don't have a store yet.

    We do no provide help with setting up an online store, and we don't run any stores. We really are just a directory website that lists existing stores. To set up an English language online store for customers in China, browse our related Business Directory.

  • Is there an option to only pay for clicks, like on Google?

    No, it's a fixed yearly fee. We'll make sure you store will be seen by enough eyeballs, but it's entirely up to you if you store or the products you are offering is attractive enough to our readers. Even if you don't get anyone to click into your store, being listed on Marketplace will have positive effects on how many people in Shanghai know your brand

  • Does SmartShanghai take a commission?

    No, it’s a fixed yearly fee to be paid before your listing goes live.

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