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Hot Girl (and Boy) Summer: QY THE MED SPA Offers Three Cool New Beauty Treatments


Combat sun damage on your face, muscle aches and pains, and stubborn fatty areas with these cutting-edge treatments...

By Morgan Short
2023-08-11 12:00:00

  • Back on the Internet with All My Clothes Off Again

    Back on the Internet with All My Clothes Off Again

    Hey, y’all,’s official resident professional spa expert and authority is back on the beat at QY THE MED SPA partaking in some really cool (literally!) new spa treatments and you're welcome! We racked up three (3!) new spa treatments designed to keep and maintain these disarming and rugged good looks well into my mid-30s.

    What can I say, they bring me out for all the important stuff.  I previously visited the QY THE MED SPA a few years back getting a bunch of their treatments to fix my shattered face and life (if you haven't read this one already, check it out to get the inside on their other services). Now, as we’re neck-deep in this unending summer here, they’ve got a bunch of new spa deals specifically for the season.

    We did three. The TL;DR version is this:  

    The Glacial Spa: a facial regimen that treats aging spots and sun damage on your face. 

    Whole-Body Cryotherapy: a -140°C full-body vapor plunge — yes — that treats body aches and sore muscles from all the summer sports we’ve been doing. 

    Cool Glamor: a targeted fat-freezing session to blast specific layers of fat and stimulate muscle growth. 

    We’re fixing this sun-damaged face, these tired and aching muscles, and these stubborn fatty deposits that won’t go away no matter how many 10s of situps I’ve been doing a year!

    Scroll on to find out more about the three new coooooool treatments at QY THE MED SPA. 

  • QY THE MED SPA, What’s That?

    QY THE MED SPA, What’s That?

    With three immaculate and futuristic-looking venues in Shanghai, QY THE MED SPA is the Shanghai platform and destination for the latest trends and breakthroughs in the international beauty and spa industry toward scientifically proven, FDA-approved, non-invasive, technology-based spa treatments. Their founder Qianyi, makes regular trips to France, to research the latest tech and trends in the Paris beauty scene. 

    From body to face care, QY THE MED SPA offers a range of programs to combat stuff like sagging skin and the signs of aging, acne and skin imperfections, muscle tone issues, fat deposits, and more. They offer the latest, high-end medically based but non-invasive treatments like the three discussed herein, as complementary measures to whatever other beauty and fitness regimens you are already undertaking.  

    I've been describing it to people thusly: "Tom Cruise is either doing exactly this or some version of this." 

    Before we get into the treatments, here is the huge caveat: These aren’t magical solutions from the sky. They don’t “cure aging”. They can’t blast away your beer belly in an afternoon. These are complimentary treatments to whatever you are already doing, leading your healthy, sunscreen applying, gym frequenting life out there. 

    So, do your own research to see if this is right for you, or contact them for a consultation. (Available in Chinese or English.)

    We’re just here to say, "This is available in Shanghai."

    Go for it if you wanna. 

  • Let's Get a Glacial Facial

    Let's Get a Glacial Facial

    We’re starting off with the “Glacial Spa”, AKA Glacial® Rx, an FDA-cleared treatment to combat sun damage, redness, inflammation — you know, just that blotchy redness you get on your face. 

    The technology here is "cryomodulation", which is using this fancy machine in a cooling and targeted freezing process that reduced inflammation, speeds up exfoliation, and reveals brighter skin.  You’re supposed to do multiple sessions as needed, around 15 days apart, but many people report improvements right after the first treatment is done. In clinical trials, 87% of treated age spots lightened, 84% of patients saw improved radiance, and 81% saw an improvement in skin tone evenness at three months. 

  • So What Happens...

    So What Happens...

    Your facial starts off with a professional skin care consultation from one of the experts at QY THE MED SPA. This involves sticking your face into a photographic chamber thing and having your picture taken. It shines some UV light type of deal and captures what's going on not only on the surface of your skin but also below the surface. 

    So, basically, they analyze your facial tone, looking for the blemishes, sun damage, and imperfections not only currently presenting themselves, but also future issues that will come up. 

    So yeah, I've got some blotchiness happening, eh! 

    EEESH. It's been a long summer. 

  • Fix This Damn Face

    Fix This Damn Face

    So, having been informed of my problem areas, the spa technician ramps up the machine for a multi-step cooling process, targeting specific areas. The whole experience is kinda liiiiiiike... a really nice, high-end facial. They start you off with a deep clean, and then the bulk of it is applying goo and then blasting said goo with a cooling rod, which gets down to around -5 degrees Celsius. 

  • What's It Feel Like?

    What's It Feel Like?




    Just feels like someone is rubbing a cooling cream on your face and then slowly, gingerly, methodically rubbing a rounded ice cube on your skin. Which is absolutely lovely. It really is. 

    Shout out to the SmartShanghai photographer who spent years perfecting his craft and now his main thing is sitting in a corner and taking pictures of people rubbing goo in my face!

    Ahhh, life is funny. 

  • Bonus! It Comes with This!

    Bonus! It Comes with This!

    So, everyone's face is different and some of us have natural, ruggedly disarming good looks — like an ineffable, effortless handsomeness you just can't quite put your finger on — and some people need to put more effort in to reach my level. For the Glacial Rx treatment, if you are really looking to drastically reduce redness, you've got to do some upkeep at home in between sessions.

    Usually, people space out their sessions in two-week intervals and they also use these creams at home to maintain. Luckily, they give you all this included in the treatment!

    So that's nice!   

  • And?


    My professional opinion as a professional spa critic is that was awesome. 

    After the treatment, which was about an hour, we went back into the consultation office to get my photo done again. The results were a noticeable decrease in redness around my forehead area, primarily, and then just a lighter tone throughout. Like after one time, honestly. It was pretty neat. 

    I even nabbed this compliment later in the evening: "You know you actually do look kinda better..." 

    I'LL TAKE IT. 

    The takeaway: If you've got blotchy, red, sun-damaged skin that's getting you down (and great, heaving gobs of cash that just sitting around not doing anybody any good), do some research into this to see if it's right for you. 

    One down. Next one: full-body cryogenic chamber treatment. 




  • Yeah, It's a Full-On, Whole-Body Star Trek Cryotherapy Pod

    Yeah, It's a Full-On, Whole-Body Star Trek Cryotherapy Pod

    "Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to ultra-low temperatures in order to stimulate physical and mental health benefits. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a 2-3 minute treatment in a cryotherapy chamber that exposes the entire body to ultra-low temperatures including the top of the head, and the back of the neck where vital receptors are found.

    The treatment is performed in temperatures up to -140°C/-220°F promoting multiple health benefits." 

    OH YA! -140°C cryogenics pod for 2-3 minutes! Sure! 

    So, this one's for professional athletes, people who go to the gym all the time, people who undertake strenuous physical activity, and professional bodybuilders, and I'm each and every one of those, so here we go.  

  • What Happens...

    What Happens...

    You strip down and get into some tasteful and jaunty blue shorts, knee-high socks, gloves, a headband, and a face mask.

    These are to protect the areas that will get frostbite! What! 

    They crank up the machine, which exudes clinical, exacting, unflinching, sci-fi, the-future-is-now vibes, a la HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

    Instructions are these: "You are going to be in here for 3 minutes. If at any time you feel you've had enough, raise your arms in an "X" shape and we'll get you out. If you're fine, give us the thumbs up." 

    It's called the "Cryo Arctic".

    And then you get in.


  • What's It Like!

    What's It Like!


    The coldest place on earth is the Eastern Antarctic Plateau, Antarctica, which gets to around -94°C. 

    This gets to -140°C! 

    You know what else gets to that temperature!

    The surface of the moon at night

    So yeah, definitely an experience. It's like being bathed in liquid nitrogen vapor. You're breathing it in and it's clouding your vision. The voices of the people outside are very faint, coming through a speaker in the box. It was surprisingly bearable but I was feeling small pangs of extreme cold in certain areas, my elbows in particular, and then I was just sort of trying to keep panic levels down. 

    Again, do your own research to see if it's right for you. Whole-Body Cryotherpy is usually espoused by physical therapists and people who are involved with athletic training. Proponents say the extreme cold induces responses on three levels: the circulatory system, the energy meridians, and the nervous system. The chief benefits are increased recovery from exercise, joint recovery, and relief from chronic and phantom pain, among other purported benefits. 

  • Phase 2: Recovery Boots

    Phase 2: Recovery Boots

    After spending some in the absolute coldest one-meter-by-one-meter space in the whole country, the next phase of the treatment is hanging out in these "recovery boots".

    You know when you get you're blood pressure taken, the armband inflates up and then deflates?  These are like those, only they fit over your entire legs. You do a 30-minute session in these to get your blood flow going again after the extreme cold. A favorite recovery tool of runners, football players, and anyone who uses their legs a lot in sports, compression boots help increase the blood flow to your legs by inflating and deflating to create pressure at certain points. 

    They also feel really nice! 

  • Cool Glamor? Don't Mind If I Do...

    Cool Glamor? Don't Mind If I Do...

    Rounding out the final of QY THE MED SPA's "cool" new treatments, we got down on some "Cool Glamor" AKA "Cryopolysis". Why not, let's get crazy

    Cryolipolysis treatment freezes fat cells and reduces the thickness of the fat layer. Concurrently, electromagnetic energy is applied to the core muscle to stimulate the growth of muscle fibers.  

    So, this is another targeted treatment for people who already go to the gym but maybe have some stubborn areas that aren't being reached with traditional exercise. Like, beneath the chin, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, hip/flank (“love handles”), upper back (“brassiere rolls”), lower back, and underneath the buttocks

    Cryolipolysis uses extreme cold to freeze fat cells in these target areas which causes some of them to die. The technique is based on the fact that fat cells are more susceptible to damage from cold temperatures than skin cells. The cold temperature kills the fat cells and then the body’s immune system acts to get rid of the dead fat cells and debris from the body. 

    It's an ongoing procedure. Studies have shown an average fat reduction of between 15 and 28 percent at around 4 months after initial treatment. However, you may begin to notice changes as early as 3 weeks after treatment. Dramatic improvement is noticed after about 2 months.

  • What Happens!

    What Happens!

    More goo! More freezing temperatures! 

    This blue guy gets suctioned onto wherever you're looking to assail troublesome fat cells. We were going to do the double chin, but the beard precluded this.  Luckily, we came to the spa with more than enough fat cells in our lower abdomen region with which to test science out. 

    This blue applicator is used to freeze the layer of fat cells under the skin. First, a gel pad was applied to the area to protect the skin.

    Next, the technician grabbed a big fatty bulge off me and vacuumed it into the applicator's opening, like VOOOM!

    Next, the photographer was instructed to stand way the hell back and take blurry photos. 

    Then it got real cold


  • A Whole Host of Sensations...

    A Whole Host of Sensations...

    Yeah, this was like... tingling, tugging, aching, cramping for the first five minutes and then it got really numb.

    The technician monitored the machine down to -9°C and then we just hung out for like 30 minutes while it did its thing. Occasionally, I would look at her like how my cat looks at me when we're at the vet.

    Like I'm scared, but also full of love and trust, but also I'm scared.

    But do your own research, Shanghai.

    Cryopolysis is recommended only for people who are in good general health and who are looking for fat reduction in specific areas of the body. QY THE MED spa offers consultation services so you can definitely find out more info if you think this might be something for you. 

  • Prices, Locations, and Special Promotions

    Prices, Locations, and Special Promotions

    QY The Med Spa has three locations in Shanghai, listed here.

    Introduction Prices: 

    Glacial: 1,580rmb.

    Cryotherapy: 880rmb. 

    Cool Glamor: 1,580rmb (for chin/double-chin area).

    But hang on! SmartTicket has an ongoing promotion with QY THE MED SPA: buy any two hot and cool treatments, and get a third for free!

    Click here to see what treatments are available and pricing.  

  • 17.

    If you'd like to learn more about any of QY THE MED spa's treatments, talk about a custom treatment package, and/or buy gift certificates for friends, add their WeChat here and ask for Nadia.